Sunday, April 09, 2017

Week 2 of the dictatorship: tensing more and more

The protest was huge today. HUUGE...  Chacao filled up like in its best days.

An air of "Venezuelan Spring"

And thus was the reaction of the regime, repression more brutal tan before, a rain of tear gas but also direct shots with tear gas canisters which I understand is forbidden internationally.  Whatever it is, the regime has sent its troops not only to repress but also in too many cases to rob the people they catch taking away their cellular phones, at least.

In the evening when all was supposedly done, the regime managed to slip in a tear gas bomb in the offices of Capriles in Caracas, setting them on fire. At midnight the army with heavy weaponry presented itself at the site "for inquiry". Scare tactics everywhere, whenever.  The worry is what will we do with all those corrupt security personnel when this is over. From denazification to dechavistation.

But perhaps the main message of the day, besides the radicalization of the protest and repression, is that the opposition, without newspapers and without TV or radio is managing to pass its message very successfully. Internet will have to go.  And there is another message: outside of Caracas protest are also crescendo. And rallies in support of the regime are weak and in Caracas only.

Only repression is left for Maduro. The only questions are how far and how long.


  1. This is like in boxing when one is on the ropes and taking all kind of punches. It is a matter of time until he falls. I hope the resistance doesn't punch himself out and can see through sending the big guy to the canvas. I am encouraged that the opposition will not take a break during Easter week.

  2. Unfortunately, my educated guess s that these protests will soon fade away. That Chavismo will stay in power at least until Dec. 2018.

    Sure, people are pissed off, even hungry, but they'll get tired of httng the streets. This is when you need a Leopoldo Lopez, instead of a feeble (yet honorable) Capriles.

    Actually, as I've always commented, this is when, unfortunately, you need a Marcos Perez Jimenez, for a little while.

  3. What do you expect? Bigger, better organized protests every week?

    Dream on.. I wish, but it ain't gonna happen. With the current divided MUD leadership? Forget it it. Chavismo is already used to these small protests. They don't care. They will continue to STEAL, and get richer for months to come, at least until December 2018. That's what it's all about.

    Just watch. Unless the corrupt military gets involved, the thousands of corrupt Chavistas will remain n power and continue to STEAL for a long while. Wake up and smell the roses..

  4. Ross F12:46 AM

    I think if the Internet goes, the protests will be all over. Every other form of communication has been stifled apparently. I note an item about all this in the NY Times yesterday originated in Bogota

  5. Need a massive protest with an actual purpose. These people protesting just for protesting are doing nothing to remove gov't. Need someone to call for a protest to actually march on something important like Marifoles and take it over or destroy it seeking Maduros head. Millions likely come out for that.


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