Sunday, September 03, 2017

Fortunately for Lilian Tintori, her enemies are mean but stupid

As a follow up of Friday's entry.

Saturday Lilian Tintori, wife of jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, tried to leave the country on a well announced and scheduled tour that included meetings with Macron, May, Merkel, and Rajoy, that I know of. So, instead of letting her go and within the hour announce that she fled the country, they confiscated her passport and forbade her to leave the country.

That is right, a Lilian Tintori unable to come back to Venezuela unless she was disposed to be jailed upon landing, pregnant and all, would have been less trouble for the regime. All its propaganda guns could have been shot at her without her voice being heard at home. And overseas we would have seen the relay of the Russian propaganda of RT, amen of the Iglesias and Melanchon of the world. Were she to return anyway by the time she would land the regime propaganda would have had plenty of time to kill her politically as a money launderer, wealthy brat and what not. You know, what castro-communism is so expert at, character assassination.

But no, by stopping her from meeting these head of states the regime actually committed a blunder that at the very least compensates part of her very own blunder with "Tintori's cashgate".  See, even if what was found in Tintori's car was to be used for an electoral campaign, it is peanuts. People that run real electoral campaigns in Europe, campaigns closely supervised by regulatory agencies, know that very well.  In fact they probably suspected from the very first moment of the scandal that there was at least a set up of sorts, somewhere. Just too convenient for the regime no matter how foolish Lilian was (and lord was she!).

So we get this

We are waiting for Lilian Tintori in Europe. The Venezuelan opposition must remain free.

Simple, clear, and as infuriating as possible to the dictatorship.

And we also have this

Regrettable prohibition to travel to Lilian Tintori. They can lock up people but not ideals. Freedom for Venezuela.

Less direct than Macron who is an expert at cutting edge words but even more infuriating to the regime as Rajoy wants freedom for Venezuela.

The reaction of chavismo was ever so predictable. The foreign minister, who made it there because he married one of Chavez daughters otherwise he would not have made it to doorman, sent a few pathetic tweets that may sound good for the die or die remaining base of the dictatorship but are further faux-pas in diplomacy.

In order (with my comments):

We reject the behavior of the French president who follows the script from the European ultra-right against Venezuela (The behavior?  Odd language from people that have shown absolute inability to behave in international fora.  And putting Macron as guided by the European ultra-right is, well, beyond ridicule, it is pathetic, a true inability to understand what happens in Europe. Or, worse, the inability for the regime to listen to anyone else but Melanchon and Iglesias people at the true voice of Europe).

We demand that the Spanish government respect our democracy and institutions. Imperial arrogance was booted from Venezuela 200 years ago, already. (To begin with, there are no democracy or instituions left in Venezuela. Second, that gratuitous 200 years comment is arrogant by itself, and only betrays an inferiority complex.)

In our country any political organization must account for the origine of its funding. There are no untouchable parties nor figures. (I had a laugh at that one. All parties but Chavez PSUV whose electoral abuses would now fill an encyclopedia. Heck, even this blog has many documented examples of chavismo electoral abuse and misappropriation of state monies).

So this is the foreign minister of Venezuela, somebody formed at the school of castrotite debate methods, that is, insult back louder and hope they get brow beaten. The strategy of the ignorant and/or the evil.

Meanwhile the fact is that the other one in that tour with Lilian, Julio Borges, the president of the National Assembly who was likely going to be stopped at the airport chose another more discrete way to abscond. He will be received by four out of the five more important countries of Europe. And probably arrested upon his return though I suspect that diplomatic personnel may be waiting for him at arrival depending on how things develop here.

Where are Arreaza, and more importantly the chair of the constituent assembly Delcy Rodriguez, received?  Cuba I suppose.


  1. Don't give them ideas.

  2. Boludo Tejano6:32 PM

    Not so stupid. From the regime's viewpoint, better to keep her confined in Venezuela than to allow her free access to journalists outside Venezuela. Evil yes, but not stupid.

    1. Charly10:35 PM

      Either way, she is a stone in their shoe.

  3. Anonymous2:53 AM

    Seems like there are Chavistas in disguise in our midst.

    1. Boludo Tejano3:43 PM

      No tienes nombre.

  4. Guevara is with Borges. If they are arrested the eu may impose sanctions similar to what the USA set up. But I don't see the dictatorship falling unless the pressure gets physical.

  5. What difference does it make. Everyone knows they are a dictatorship, everyone knows they are evil. They violated the constitution too many times to count etc. World can impose all the sanctions they want the regime has done all it can and wants to destroy everything about the country. Will be more then enough scraps around for the regime rats to eat well. Either the people take arms with numbers and put their lives on the line or the regime survives. Is what it is so who cares what she does or what she says, has no effect on the regime.

  6. Who has the site?

  7. Where is the big mouth that argued with me that North America doesn't hold the majority of Venezuela's bonds. Here is the proof you couldn't live without.


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