Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A useless political post for your entertainement

So there we are, a new vote next Sunday. And yours truly has no interest in it, no desire to speculate on results, no clear idea of what would constitute a victory for either camp.  So, during this lunch break I gather the courage to follow the tradition of this blog and write a political post for the governor elections next Sunday. Read at your own risk.

What is at stake

Apparently 23 state governors. In reality what is at stake is the credibility of EVERY ONE, from Maduro to Ramos Allup.

The campaign

The regime which has already thrown at the opposition all what is in the book of electoral treachery is managing to write an appendix.  Choice items are stuff like overthrowing opposition mayors and sending them into exile so they cannot run for governor. Through such artifacts the regime got its favorite enemy, AD of Ramos Allup, to win about half of the primaries but with way less than 50% of the vote. So the regime has set up a big return for AD in the hope of depressing other parties.  The best treachery item is that the electoral system already weak reliability, damaged by the vote for the constitutional assembly (CA), is now beyond repair. How can the opposition preserve its vote share is still a mystery to me.

The opposition chances

If conditions were slightly fair the opposition should win 23 governorship. No serious poll give them less than 60% nationwide (and I guess less than 50% in any state).  But this is quite compromised by the abstention campaign; and thus getting half of the governors may be by itself a good result. I am guessing 15 states against 8 for chavismo.  Though this may change fast in this next week, IN SPITE of a lackluster campaign for the opposition.

The opposition self sabotage

Since the mid July "plebiscite" where nearly 8 millions voted for the opposition, and since the regime forged ahead anyway and elected its constituent assembly with 8 million votes of which we already know that 1 million were "added", a large sector of the opposition has been in shock.  Amen of the out of place declarations like those of Ramos Allup, the fact of the matter is that this irate portion (fed mostly through Twitter via Miami) has decided not to vote becasue they argue that it would give legitimacy to the CA, which you may recall was elected as a violation of the constitution.  Thus the argument is that if we vote then the countries that have declared not to recognize the CA may be tempted to recognize it.

Thus the result will depend on how many folks will stay home.

Unfortunately for that lost cause the group of 12 American countries that have condemned the election of the CA have let it know that this was no excuse to avoid voting.  Yes, there is fraud, yes, the CA is a fraud but still the opposition should reach for any little bit they can. Will some of them back track?

The regime electoral strategy

Very simple, promote abstention with the most outrageous declarations that are spread widely on TV without the opposition given the faintest chance for a rebuttal.

The regime real strategy

For some inexplicable and unjustified reason the regime has separated the election for governor from those to the state legislatures which should be held together.  The reason is simple: the regime, because of yet another idiotic opposition abstention 5 years ago (and a good dose of gerrymandering) controls 90% of state legislatures. Thus the new governors will be in trouble from day one. In addition the regime has declared that all newly elected governors will have to pledge allegiance to the CA or else.  So, the regime is ready to dismiss freshly elected governors, to be replaced by the state legislature, etc...  You get the idea.

Who wins, who loses

If the opposition were to win, say, 18 states, then the regime can claim it is a democracy and garner some international support. In short, the opposition is damned it if wins, damned if it does not.  As such a winning strategy is only possible with a total trashing of the chavista candidates, yielding the final proof on how fraudulent the CA election was.

Anything else goes from a draw to a victory of the regime.

So there you are, all that you truly need to know.  Have a great time!


PS1: personally I think that the abstentionist are total idiots. Why?  Because they have been ABSOLUTELY UNABLE to offer an alternative strategy. Never mind that they have been unable to bring back people to the streets and protest. As such the only strategy left for the opposition is to go and vote, no matter how rigged the vote is.


Sorry Maria Corina Machado, Miami pundits et al. but you got that one wrong, no one to blame but you.

PS2: and there is that, to illustrate the mood.


  1. They will forge any result they want. Hence no way for opposition to win in a big way. They can say 8 million came out and voted for the regime and opposition supporters were most part absent. Is no verification system.

  2. Is curious to me...all this ....is a governor's race....simply win...and refuse to be sworn in by ANC.
    I think they should be all in...if you want to protest the ANC....dont give them recognion.....in their face.
    Also curios...how long before a "new" citizen can vote?
    I saw at least 4 planes full of Turkish families...and Chinese at Maiquetia...very recently....loads kf escorts with placards...names...bla bla
    Very peasefil..quiet.....calm.....not really ordinary for thst shit hole.
    Also many GNB....and no one taking pictures...for sure....i almost considered it...but i dont want an interview..jaja
    On tbe other side in miami...my girl got the b end over and cough interview..3 hours......yes..im just complaining

    1. I agree about not swearing in to the new assembly go to the old one. But as for plane loads being allowed to vote what for they can post whatever results they desire.

  3. It's not useless.

    You're giving us a glimpse of what life under chavismo has become: a chaos.

  4. I look forward to anything you post Daniel. Please keep posting. There is no more news on VZ on the news or You Tube!

    1. Agree... the misinformation is rampant.
      Outsiders like me want a report from the trenches if you know what i mean...

  5. Boludo Tejano6:28 PM

    ...and since the regime forged ahead anyway and elected its constituent assembly with 8 million votes of which we already know that 1 million were "added"

    A million votes is the MINIMUM added.Venezuela election results ‘manipulated’ by at least 1 million votes, polling company says.

    “With the deepest regret, we have to say that the turnout data presented on Sunday, July 30, for the constituent election was manipulated,” Mugica said at a news conference in London.

    His company’s analysis of the data, he said, suggested the number was off by “at least 1 million.”

    One million or more. Two million? 1.5 million? Saber....

    1. A million here, a million there and suddenly you are talking....

  6. Rosa Saravia7:43 PM

    My head is spinning. In your twisted way of thinking the abstentionists are "total IDIOTS" because they don't have "an alternative strategy". That is the strategy! Empty streets on election day is the only way to be counted in Venezuela.
    So what is your strategy? go out an vote one more time? and your call them IDIOTS? Go out and vote even with Tibisay still in charge? and knowing they will announce at least 8 million votes that they set up just two months ago? Even with your own writing documenting for years the cheating and unfairness of the CNE voting process?
    YOU have the gall to call abstentionists IDIOTS? Not an ounce of doubt in your position, they are IDIOTS and you are the brilliant strategist. Look in the mirror my friend.
    The only thing perfectly clear is that MCM has more balls and coherence and consistency than all the opposition men combined (you included of course)

    1. Abstentionists ARE IDIOTS
      Or "tonto utiles" if you prefer.

      A dictatorship just needs one more vote than the other side to justify its existence. Do not make it easy to them to get that extra vote.

  7. Dear Daniel,
    I had been reading your post since you created it. I was born in San Felipe. I have a great confidence in your objectivity,in your honesty, in your analysis and in your love for our country. But I am so sorry to tell you that it doesn't matters any more if one goes to vote or not. This is a dictatorship! The only rules that applied are their rules. Period.
    I am sending my blessings to all my Venezuelan brothers and sisters. Specially to you that had been working diligently for so many years documenting our descent to the hell our country had become.
    Con mucho carino y respeto,
    Alejandra Margarita Garrido


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