Thursday, August 03, 2017

Idiots in the mist

So today we had a political atomic bomb with the revelation of the electoral fraud of last Sunday. On the face of it we may not see any major change: after all this is a dictatorship so who cares about how many votes the dictator got?  And yet, if we do not know where the bomb truly hit we are seeing debris falling all around us. In fact, a mist so thick in dust that many are losing their way.

Chavismo gave the extremely predictable answer.

As I reported earlier, two Reuters dispatches told us that 1) there were less than 4 million votes cast and not 8 and 2) Smartmatic, the service provider of voting machines, said results were not those of the electoral board CNE, with a difference of at least 1 million votes, that is, at least 13%. That is just too much, too far of standard error for any election. (1)

As expected the regime sent CNE head minister for elections Tibisay Lucena to state that Smartmatic was just a nasty conspiratorial liar. But never for her to even attempt at proving Smartmatic wrong. After all, she can't.  While we waited for her words with bated breath, the regime decided to speed up for today the swearing in of the constituent fraud assembly, and then to push it to Friday. So no more Thursday date. Why? Speeding up was the knee jerk reaction. Slowing down was that a sector of chavismo, rumored to be the one of the military and narco corrupt Diosdadista Cabellista, may have realized that the electoral padding was also done against their own candidates. I say "may have" because we never know with those guys.....  So today and tomorrow was a time to try to find the nincompoopierest explanation to the exposed fraud number while setting internal scores.  And of course still no results on the CNE web site, I just checked again. So how can you proclaim X as elected when there is no result to read?

The opposition who should have had a glory moment sunk herself in the most sterile debate, courtesy of big loud mouth Ramos Allup, making yet another one of his famous political blunders. Remember that he is the cause of the 2005 election boycott that has cost so much to the opposition and the country.

The permise of his proposal was right: next week we need to register candidates for regional elections otherwise we would be shut out. So he announced in a TV interview that he did not know what the other guys will do but his party, AD, was going to go for the elections.

Now, this is the most dreadful of timing. He could have said so tomorrow, but no, thinking that he CNE fraud could complicate matters way out of hand he tried to put a stop to the derive in the worst possible way, risking to create a final break inside the opposition alliance MUD.

I mean, come on, the CNE has just been exposed committing a major electoral fraud, moving around hundred of thousand votes, and you are just going to go into the next election as if nothing?  Here is a list of all the shit that Ramos Allup ambition is pretending never happened.

*CNE fraud
*That the opposition has decided that we are under article 333 and 350 of the Constitution and as such we do not recognize the state, which implies that we do not recognize the CNE
*That after all the judicial violations of the high court TSJ, how can Ramos Allup even think that if elected his governors and mayors will be able to rule?

The last one is particularly egregious since not only the National Assembly powers have been voided since day one of its election, but the opposition mayors, those that would be running the governor elections in December, are being put in jail one by one, without trial. Yes, that is right, because, for example, mayors did not stop street protests as the TSJ demanded of them then this one stripped them from office, and without trial condemning them to a year an a half in jail. I do not know the numbers but since these mayors have been elected about half of them so far have been taken out by diverse means. (2)

Some times the mistakes of Ramos Allup are truly troubling. One could even be led to think that he is in cahoots at some level with the regime. Or whether he is becoming senile.  Whatever it is, his idiotic and inopportune declarations today have sent the opposition into a tailspin of controversy forgetting what was the real issue at hand: the fraud of the CNE and a golden opportunity to remove that appendice from the hands of chavismo.  Sometimes Ramos Allup can be quite the idiot: no wonder when we look at his summary of one year as national assembly head he did not achieve anything durable.

Meanwhile, we are still all foggy as we go to bed.

1) it is to be noted that before making the announcement Smartmatic vacated its offices of all material and took its people out of the country through private airplane.  They certainly know how justice and investigation function in Venezuela: jail you first, see if we do anything about it some day.

2) opposition mayors were demanded that they stop protests in their city and that they removed the barricades set up. Yet these mayors have neither the material means to clean up the barricades but have even less police forces to stop protests. That TSJ decisions was perceived from day one as having for sole objective to strip mayors from office once the self fulfilling prophecy happened. It is to be also noted that cities controlled by chavista mayors have had barricades too but these mayors, imagine that, have not been demanded the same....


  1. Anonymous5:49 AM

    You should write about how your SO decided to vote.

    1. This has been covered already. Besides I do not write on command.

  2. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Thank you Daniel, in these times it is good & comforting to have a reasonable voice.. please do not let the pendejos distract your voice or message. Lazarus

  3. "..t is to be noted that before making the announcement Smartmatic vacated its offices of all material and took its people out of the country through private airplane. They certainly know how justice and investigation function in Venezuela.."

    Sure they do, remember Smartmatics is really a Venezuela company, empresa chimba de maletin, originally created by el Pajarito Supremo Eterno himself, with a sweet $90 Million + obscure deal. Mugica and Fraudmatic's other main scoundrels are Venezuelans, and twisted many elections there before. Now they hide in London and other countries, deciding to jump ship at the right moment.

    Many of their top executives should one day be thoroughly investigated and thrown in jail. Ramo verde would be poetic justice for Mugica and Fraudmatic's other millionaire ship-jumping rats.

  4. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Hi Daniel,

    What kind of percentage does AD have in terms of support? I always wonder why Ramos Allup gets so much oxygen if, as I suspect, his party is small fry.

    Is is not better to cut AD loose from MUD because Ramos Allup must be more of an obstacle to switching Chavista's than a benefit to the MUD?
    (i.e. if 30% of population are still sympathetic to Chavez legacy, but AD have 10% and are an obstacle, cut AD loose and reap rewards)

    Plus, it is not like AD supporters are going to switch to Maduro if cut from MUD (and if they do, their true corrupt faces will be shown).

    Out with the old fossils of the past, Venezuela needs new and fresh thinking.


  5. Thanks Daniel for your continuing update. I hope your SO and you are well, (under the present situation).

  6. Smartmatic has done nothing but what the regime asked. Fraud was obvious to the tune of 5 million. Smartmatic has attempted to reset that fraud to approx 1 million and also is validating past elections as having been accurate. Remember Smartmatic doesn't attempt to call fraud until after CNN comes out showing a 5 million vote fraud. Is all too comical. They didnt require the constitutional assembly to arrest opposition or to violate the constitution. It is part of their bigger plan which has been miles ahead of the opposition and the internation community and certainly the idiot Trump. Although one would think Trump can think at the same level given all the lieing and theft he has done over time. But who knows he is likely involved in the grand plans too.

  7. Anita4:37 PM

    Daniel, in light of your position supporting abstention in last sunday's vote, how do you view now your years of handicapping elections with fancy PowerPoints and excels while insulting the people that were promoting abstention. I saw those elaborate charts and graphs then as vanity show and in now retrospect a colossal failure. Thanks! for nothing.

  8. Anonymous7:04 PM are comparing apples to oranges. The Dynamics of the present political climate ave very very different and even more dangerous than in past years. Who would have thought that the current "leadership" (I use the term loosely) would make Chavez seem almost like a reasonable person by comparison. I don't think you can criticize Daniel or anyone else for having arrived at a different viewpoint in the midst of a very fluid and constantly deteriorating situation.

    1. For once there is an anonymous worth its salt. Thank you, I could not have replied better.

  9. Tom in Oklahoma8:30 PM are welcome...and don't let Maduro supporters like Anita get you down. Many more people than you know are hoping and praying for you and the people of Venezuela. Now that I have figured out how to post my name on here I will no longer have to post as anonymous. Lol

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