Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Idiots in NYC: or how Falcon sunk his presidencial run

Last post was hard to write, and the whirlwind of political news too hard to write about comprehensively. Thankfully procrastination does pay and today's picture from the UN plaza in NYC was worth the wait.  An epic photo-fail if ever.

From left to right, a kebab from hell:
Samuel Moncada, regime's ambassador to the UN and vice minister for foreign affairs;
Henri Falcon wanna-be Maduro successor; Felipe Mujica head of the near extinct weather vane MAS;
some hired help; and Pedro Pablo Fernandez, son of wanna-be foreign secretary to Falcon Eduardo Fernandez,
and probably aiming himself for some crumbs somewhere as no one in the MUD would be caught dead with him.
In this historic pose you can see how Henri Falcon sunk any chance he may have had to be elected president next May 20. By posing in front of the United Nations accompanied by the ambassador of Venezuela there, the much reviled and insufferable Samuel Moncada, Henri Falcon admits that his presidential candidature is wanted by the regime, and that he is in agreement with it.  That is, Henri Falcon and the scattered losers that support him are complicit with the regime in the fraudulent elections coming May 20.


These people had the chutzpah to try to get a meeting with high members of the UN so as to force this one to send an observation team to validate the election of May 20.  That a serious observation requires at the very least 3 months of observation and more before for mere preparation is not computing with them.  Then again whoever low key UN member that received them ("the UN is under obligation to help Venezuela" was said by the traveling show)  had probably already read that.

There are some damage controls that are beyond reach.  A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.


  1. Anonymous4:34 AM

    I find this foto op disgusting.. that they couldn’t spring for 1st class tickets for hra and his family to provide a patina of opposition legitimacy is shocking.

  2. Many said it back when Falcon rejected the regime and went over to the opposition, that he was nothing more then a spy for the regime. They likely have many more too as many of the opposition will do anything for a buck. Most got into politics for an easy dollar and some power. A smart regime would let Falcon win this election and incorporate his international support plan. Get the world to help Venezuela for 6 years get the country back on track but still remain in control from behind the scenes. Falcon can then ensure that the regime is not persecuted for their crimes. Who knows it may still be their plan.

    1. Thus the opposition should already put out that a "winner" of an illegitimate election who accepts the legitimacy of the Asamblea Nacional Constituyente is a puppet, submitted to the illegal rule of a "power" most nations don't recognize. This needs to be hammered, but I don't see Barboza, Rosales, or Allup saying it. Tgey are worthless.

    2. Anonymous7:51 PM

      I see this as a real possibility. It is hard for me to imagine how they think they can survive for another 6 years with Maduro at the helm. Letting Falcon win may give them a second wind, at least with the international community, unless the opposition (the real opposition, that is) warns everybody of this scenario.

    3. The moment after this election...Ugly Betty will spin like Top.It doesn't matter who Runs...totally legitimizes the ANC...Madurocastroism arrives.....and only Intervention changes's over ....Falcon hijacked the opposition...the legitimate face of the opposition internationally.Look at the propaganda. I mean news...the picture only matters at home.

  3. anonymous 2:51 (pelase, get a handle)

    The opposition needs do nothing. Just that picture will ensure that no matter what Falcon says half of the opposition will NEVER vote for him. Thus Maduro just nailed his "election" with that picture.

    1. Anonymous8:35 PM

      Why would he ever pose for that photo? What did he stand to gain? I just do not see any upside. Do you?

  4. C'mon..They look like distinguished gentlemen of the 1st World. Elegant, refined, determined, with a bright future for Venezuela in mind. O sera que por fin consiguieron el famoso Pernil Portugues?

  5. You hit the nail on the head Daniel: The opposition needs do nothing. Just that picture will ensure that no matter what Falcon says half of the opposition will NEVER vote for him. Thus Maduro just nailed his "election" with that picture.

  6. Really the only thing the picture does is assist the world in understanding that Falcon is with the regime. The election outcome is whatever doctored result the regime desires. But only a complete idiot couldn't have seen Falcon was with the regime when he stood against the opposition and ran in the election.


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