Monday, June 04, 2018

The need for our criollo Nuremberg

Since I wrote last night things have not been improving.  Today the release of more political prisoners have driven home two things.

Three tweets narrate the release of Gilber Caro, a Representative of Voluntad Popular whose parliamentary immunity was trampled when he was sent for a year and a half in jails of inhumane conditions.

In this first tweet you can see that the regime makes sure that visually Gilber Caro is released like any criminal leaving jail on foot, at the end of the road. Just watch it, no need to understand Spanish but you need to understand that for chavismo releasing Caro has a price on its followers. After months of diabolisation of Caro as a major terrorist the chavista lumpen cannot understand. Reading the tweeter time line of some of them you can detect outrage and protest against Maduro. Thus, if some  videos must be circulated they must be of propaganda quality as in "yes, the US forced us to release that criminal; but look, he is indeed a criminal, look at how he leaves jail". Or something to that effect.  The vileness of the regime is always calculated, always present, always humiliating.

Then there are two tweets/videos about his re-encounter with political activists and his arrival at a health center (private, of course, for safety reasons) where Caro will be having health checks as he is quite weakened from his ordeal. True, Gilber Caro was thin enough from the start but he looks like out of a Nazi concentration camp. Even down to the expressions found in some conserved documentaries of those days.

The regime has tried very hard to destroy Voluntad Popular, they are the ones who by far have paid the heaviest human toll of the repression. Other parties, like AD, have been minimally hurt.  In fact, some of their members, the 4 elected AD governors have been accomplices (?) in the release show, offering themselves as guarantors, as if anyone could offer guarantees against the regime's abuses. There is certainly the divide and conquer strategy of the regime, but there is also an instinctive hatred of Voluntad Popular as it represents all what chavismo will never be; young, dynamic, better educated, real values. Chavez personally hated Leopoldo Lopez and his heirs made them their political Jews.

Eventually accounting will have to come. That date has been pushed back since the sanctions on the regime apparatchiks will push them to circle the vans in Venezuela and do the unspeakable to avoid the final fall. Now, when the end will come, and it always come, we will certainly be able, be in need to hold our own de-chavistisation of the country. "Never again!" is already spoken aloud, today in an OpEd of El Pais by Hector Schamis.

But more importantly, paving the way for our criollo Nuremberg to come, the OAS expert report I mentioned yesterday has triggered Chile as the first country to ask formally that the report be submitted to The Hague international court.  That means that bona fide investigations must start soon......

The regime may want to do a freedom show but it is too late. The more so that the released folks have all sorts of limitations imposed on them, including regular court reports...


PS: this also applies to Nicaragua. All these leftist regimes of LatAm end up in the dictatorship pit unless rescued on time, like Ecuador.

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