Friday, August 31, 2018

Fantasy Thursday

So we are here Thursday night and as expected the regime still has not published the decrees and their application rules. That is, people had to either fire every body and close shop, or cross themselves and wait for the worse.  In other words, severance packages as of next Monday may become as high as 35 fold more than they are today, something quite impossible to meet.

Or is it so?

The week has been plagued with rumors and I, for one, think that even the evilness of the regime cannot explain everything.  There is indeed a fair share of improvisation as inside they know that the "numero uno" deadbeat will be the regime toward its own employees.  Food has been disappearing fast from the shelves this week, by the way.

Certainly the regime has decided to jump straight into a communist system by bankrupting all the public sector. But clearly, the delays are also explained as some groups within the regime are trying to find a way out of the reckless gambit Maduro played two weeks ago.  On this internal divisions it is nice to see that an ex aide of Chavez, general Cliver Alcala, has lambasted Maduro saying among other things that he is scared shitless that his own entourage would try to kill him.  Oh well, nothing that long time readers of this blog did not know about the mafia gangs inside the regime.

Not that Cliver Alcala is one of my favorites. As far as I am concerned his credibility is close to the ground, but then again is the credibility of anyone inside the regime, past or present.  But for him daring such an expose at this time, that will certainly have repercussions inside the Venezuelan army is an interesting fact.

AS I am sitting like the proverbial deer in the car headlights expecting to read the decrees tomorrow (we did not fire anybody) I will entertain with a lite fantasy about Maduro's downfall. I acknowledge that Cliver Alcala confessions did help me in the inspiration.

Maduro's economic incompetence and deep unpopularity are hurting. And in spite of his reelection in May he seems to make no headway in gaining international recognition. In fact the Venezuelan refugee crisis is front news everywhere, every day. Our own Mediterranean sea. Time to ditch Maduro (or for him willingly to leave?).

So as not to lose office chavismo will find an excuse to remove Maduro very soon. Then Delcy Rodriguez, the infamous foreign minister now vice president will be seated on Maduro's chair to finish his term and no swearing him next January.  Since there is that convenient but illegal constituent assembly sitting still awaiting for orders, why not take advantage of people happiness as they will be flush with cash in September and October? That the purchasing power of the cash will be annulled within a couple of months is not the issue, they will see those huge pay checks for long enough to satisfy chavismo's ambitions.

Thus by September 15 a new constitution is approved and is submitted to referendum of not; yet it will decide that elections of president and national assembly must be held within a month.  On November first there is even a chance that the regime may win the vote with moderate cheating.  After all the opposition is a mess and "el pueblo" will believe, once again, that finally chavismo has reached the magical formula. By the time they are starving in January who gives a fuck?

You thought Maduro was bad? Wait for Delcy president......


  1. Boludo Tejano4:51 AM

    You thought Maduro was bad? Wait for Delcy president......
    Any Chavista as President means that Chavismo is still in power.

    1. Anonymous7:01 PM

      Of course. My point was that even within chavismo we can get worse and worser.

  2. Delcy really scares me. The load of stupid she carries around is huge.

    1. IslandCanuck1:05 PM

      Delcy Rodríguez desmiente crisis migratoria utilizando cifras del 2015
      31 ago 2018.- La vicepresidenta Delcy Rodríguez negó este viernes la crisis migratoria que afecta a Venezuela asegurando que nuestro país tiene el segundo flujo migratorio más pequeño de la región, con 606.344 venezolanos. Sin embargo, no aclaró que se trata de cifras - como lo mostró VTV - del año 2015.

    2. Seems they wanted the biggest idiots in the country to take over from Chavez and now Delcy has established her self as even stupider and less likeable then the ass Maburo

  3. Unless the regime is planning better policies changing leaders won't change anything, especially international pressures. Now some wise economic changes on the back of changing leaders could have a successful result.


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