Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Logarithmic hyperinflation

So I got my latest condominium bill.  Needless to say that I was flabbergasted.  I ran a graph of this year payments.

In blue, the amount paid monthly over the year on base 100 as of September.
The red square was an extra payment for some stuff that broke down.
To lighten up the graph I decided to consider as 100 this September payment and thus the other months are a percentage of what I paid this month.

But of course this is not clear. Since I am a scientist I immediately saw the logarithmic scale representation potential on what is an exponential hyperinflation.  Here below.

Now you can see by yourself how fast inflation goes. You can see better than the previous graph the real payment for February (reddish square) which was the normal condo plus an extra payment for elevator water pump repair (I think it was). Not that it changes anything, just for full disclosure.

And yet the monthly fold increase is not quite clear from this graph. So I added an exponential trend line.

So there you see it, condo is multiplied 10 fold every 3 to 4 months. Though that rate was lower early in the year (4 month) and is speeding up now (every month and a half). I tremble as to what will await me for the 3 months end of the year.

So now you can feel my pain, at ground zero of hyperinflation.

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  1. Annual salary increases certainly don't cut it.....need a monthly reappraisal of salaries and wages......and I doubt that's happening. Is your firm able to increase their fees/charges to reflect, at least partially, the hyperinflation taking place ? No reply required Daniel......just musing I guess.
    Think that one reason I sometimes add a comment, is that I want you know that there are people, in far away places, and whom you have never met, who care what happens to you and your s.o. and family, who care about what is happening in Venezuela, and who appreciate your reporting, witnessing, from inside the disaster.


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