Saturday, February 23, 2019

From afar, to Cucuta

Trying to speak about what goes on from afar is reckless.

Local information is not good, does not understand what has been going on in Venezuela, let's its own bias take over.

Following tweets does not help much. Opposition tweets are transfigured. Chavista tweets are beyond denial.

Even were I to be in Venezuela it would not have been too easy: massive shut down of any media that shows the Cucuta concert , including Nat geo (or that may discuss the massacre of natives at the hand of the Nazional Guard at the Brazilian border).

Thus I have to resort to go to bed with some comfort pill and hope for a nicer wake up tomorrow morning.

One thing is certain though: the only way out for Maduro is a blood bath. Or a yellow uniform.


  1. Daniel welcome back. As you may or may not have seen, the Cucuta concert appeared to be a huge success from attendance perspective. Haven't heard about the fundraising part yet. The Maduro concert news is sketchy but portrayed as poorly attended. Today is the big day of course and our hearts and prayers are for those on the front line of humanitarian aid into Venezuela. CC has ended the comments section so maybe we will see more of our friends reporting local conditions at your site. Thanks for hanging in there.

    1. Glenn lets hope you are right about the comments. Very hard to keep track of events many timezones away with only Twitter and MSM. Hoping today will prove to be a success! And more active commentators here, well maybe except the most hardcore magas ;)

  2. So, the Venezuelan government is the one trying to prevent aid shipments for their own people?? Even the inane regime in NK takes aid (rebranding it to take credit)


  4. I got to admit, Venezuela has the most panzy military in existence. The few generals at top have the masses too scared to do what's right. To the point they hurt their own brothers and sisters, mom's and dad's. Would literally only take one real man to stand up to them and they would mass defect. Real heroes shooting wrak family members.

  5. One thing is certain though: the only way out for Maduro is a blood bath. Or a yellow uniform. So true!


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