Saturday, January 09, 2021

The NO posts

I was planning to write more negative entries to detail the consequences of the dreadful process that culminated on the December 6 vote. But it would require a few more and I want to move on some more interesting and pressing matters.

These entries did lay down the conditions that will rule now the immediate future. And boy, do they already rule it!  We had this first week of January the closing of internet media (the open air media and written press have been closed or censored long ago). The novel assembly seated the chairpersons from hell and hurried to take as first measure create  a commission to prosecute the ex representatives of the outgoing assembly. (1)  This commission, to add insult to injury, will be presided by Jose Brito, a corrupt traitor from the Primero Justicia party. He was booted out and went over officially to chavismo who through judicial fiat gave him the direction of Primero Justicia.  Now from his new position he will be able to take revenge, and at the same time spare chavismo the technical responsibility of yet a new totalitarian act. Totalitarian regimes of the XX century should be envious to see how easy it is for chavismo to recruit folks for their dirty work. (2)

The no posts include Not a Victory where I tried to explain why the regime did not score a victory last December. Then the absurdity of the numbers collected by the regime and the opposition, just data.   Which of course lead to the unrealistic hopes for future negotiations, perhaps ever. In short these elections were not a crossroad and indicate the lack of options for the opposition.

Now the bleakness of its all exposed it remains to write about what may happen, which are the triggers left.


PS: Thanks to Naky Soto for aggregating so well material used today. In Spanish unfortunately for those English only readers. I am just putting it in short and English.


1) "novel" is the word I shall use for the time being, for lack of better option. The assembly seated January 5 is not only illegal but extremely skewed toward chavismo.  They even pushed the cynicism far enough to seat Timoteo Zambrano through "novel" vote counting so as to give him the foreign affairs chair. He failed while negotiating for the opposition and was basically fired for being to cozy and accommodating to the regime and infamous Rodriguez Zapatero. This was during the oppo/regime "dialogue" in Dominican Republic. He never recovered from being sitesided for the Barbados round and now is on a revenge binge like Jose Brito discussed above. Thus my choice of "novel" for now until its actions suggest a better adjective.


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