Sunday, July 14, 2013

The 1000 years Reich, chavista version by Maduro

Today Maduro, believing that his trip to Mercosur was a glowing success, went to Apure where he said this:
"Qué nadie se equivoque aquí somos chavistas hasta la médula. Yo soy el primer presidente chavista de mil presidentes chavistas que habrá en la historia de Venezuela"Nobody be mistaken, here we are chavista through our bone marrow. I am the first chavista president of a thousand chavista presidents that there will be in the history of Venezuela.
I will spare you the abject history lesson, of course. I am just going to say that with almost a century between the first fascist in Italy and the current crop in Venezuela, fascist is/says as fascist does.


  1. Charly9:52 PM

    And once again let us repeat in chorus: "History repeats itself, first as... blah, blah, blah..."

  2. Twenty years from now, it'll be, "Maduro? Oh, yeah! The one after Chavez and before the collapse."

  3. Anonymous5:29 AM

    "History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme." Mark Twain and others.

  4. It hasn't been the first time Chavistas have talked about the tausendjähriges Reich. I will later post about this in German, it gives me a certain kick when these guys used those words...there are already very specific terms for them in German, same thing as when they speak about the People's Anger and the crushing of their enemies.

    I missed you didn't discuss about the list Maduro has of those who didn't go to vote "out of sadness".

    1. And here's another gem that could use a little attention: Forced-smile Maduro visits Apure, where he recalls his mentor and calls out his first: "Exprópiese!"

    2. Because I already made a post about that two months ago.... but fear not, I am preparing an electoral post.

  5. "Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an incorrect or deviant decision-making outcome"

    What are some of the psychological underpinnings of a Fascist society?

    How are the Chavistas and the opposition contributing to this type of society ?

    Just how strongly is individual thinking supported in Venezuela ?

    How can the opposition and the Chavistas change in order to change the society they live in ?

    These are some of the questions I ponder everyday.


    1. Let us know when you can back up your ponderings with concrete, non-airhead examples, the mark of a rational, educated mind.

      And while you're at it, look around you. There is hardly a nation as mired in groupthink and group action as is the U.S.

    2. Syd,

      1. Why do you assume I think differently about any other country? This is a blog about Venezuela.Ponder more and assume less maybe?Might be good for you.

      2.Why do you insult the uneducated? We have a right to ponder as well


    3. While we wait for answers to firepigette's little *ponderings*... like that's going to happen,LOL, here's some free advice:

      1. When firepigette routinely throws 'peloticas al aire', aimed to diminish the Venezuelan population and its practices, currently under a complex yoke...
      2. When firepigette routinely critiques the Venezuelan population, without providing backup, solutions, or an ability to see more universal trends closer to her home, firepigette shows a lack of understanding of the complexities faced by that Venezuelan population, and firepigette is perceived to be nothing more than a shit disturber.
      3. Firepigette's ponderings are in error when she that I insulted the uneducated.
      4. Firepigette needs to ponder more off-site and to contribute solutions to her little musings so that she may be considered a more valuable member of these Vzlan political blog communities.
      5. Firepigette should check her blood-sugar levels.

    4. Anonymous9:49 PM

      syd should take her meds more often. AND also quit thinking that SHE'S the one who can criticize/dump on/lambast people just because she thinks she's the most important/knowledgeable person in the room. BTW, syd, you're not. And, no, this is NOT FP.

    5. syd and firepig may be opinionated but at least they have the courtesy of signing with a handle which is more than what can be said from an anonymous who has the gall to sign "not FP".

  6. Anonymous11:38 AM

    When groupthink and Venezuela are mentioned together, I can't help but think of lemmings.


    1. Care to expound, concerned/firepigette?


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