Wednesday, May 31, 2006

La Lista in the Internet

For those who cannot purchase the video "La Lista", there are good news. The full version is now on Internet, In Spanish (The real English version any time soon, I was told).

You can go THERE to see it on Google video.

The English review is here.

And of course you can still go to Ciudadania Activa to purchase the DVD.

So there, no more excuse not to be informed about this modern political apartheid, courtesy of the pseudo bolivarian revolution.

, people that appear in the infamous Tascon list have been denied basic civil rights including being fired of their civil servants jobs because they exerted their constitutional right, or were denied a passport, a subsidized housing credit, etc, etc... Just because they requested a recall election on Chavez. And quite often pressure was put on relatives even if they did not signed up. For example PDVSA jobs are denied to you if your spouse appears in the list, or even if a close relative appears (it all seems to depend on the zeal of the recruiter but I have been told that even if you get inside "background" checks do not stop). No matter what the silly slogan says "PDVSA ahora es de todos" (PDVSA now belongs to all). Basically those like me who stamped their signature in 2003 are now forever second class citizens in Venezuela. The world needs to know how democracy and human rights are trampled in Venezuela.

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