Saturday, November 25, 2006

Apotheosis in Caracas: Rosales draws the biggest rally in Venezuela's History

I am just back from an event that even in my wildest dreams I could not believe it would ever happen. The march or Rosales today and his rally was something that was never seen, something that nobody could have expected. Let's just say that there were so many people that at first I could not even see the main stand. That is, when I joined the crowds on the highway I was so far away that I was behind a curb of the and the crowds did not allow me to go further. Only later, climbing over a building under refaction, could I get a full panorama. Thus the video next, my first YouTube experience as poster!

Note: at the begining you can see a lot of people across the river, in particular on an overpass, who could not get onto the highway. You can also see that around second 26 the people packed on the Rio de Janeiro. These ones could not even get close to the connection to the highway and chose to remain on the Rio Avenue.

This short video next is a better take of the center stage. While the crowds scream ¡Atrévete! Our man is becoming quite the Rock Star!

I took plenty of pictures but I still need to process them. The video was already trouble enough. Also forgive the slight shakiness: it is a video taken with my small faithfull Canon pocket one. Thus come back in about an hour for the pictures and the full story.

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