Saturday, November 25, 2006

Avalancha Tricolor: Rosales closes his campaign in Caracas

Today is a beautiful day in Caracas, blue skies will accompany the last campaign act of Rosales in here. In a couple of hours from now the major Caracas highway could see perhaps as many as half a million people, or more, cheering. It promises to be breathtaking, a spine shivering experience :)

Yours truly will not be covering it live because for once he will join in the fun. Hopefully late this afternoon I will be posting my own pictures instead of relying on other folks to send them to me for posting.

The Avalancha Tricolor is the rally for the colors of Venezuela, not the infamous, and now infamously sectarian, divisive, fascistic, "rojo, rojito" of Chavez. People are asked to bring preferably a Venezuelan flag. Meanwhile what does chavismo do? It is blocking the main highway of Venezuela, the ARC (Regional del Centro) so that people from Valencia and Maracay cannot join on the fun and bulk up further the Caracas rally. That is right, the party who claims 30% point advantage in polls against Rosales is resorting to infantile, low brow maneuvers to try to diminish some the disastrous visual impact of the Rosales rally. Disastrous for chavismo , that is. Note: that is not the first time that chavismo blocks the ARC. One famous time was in October 10, 2002, at the Cabrera tunnel where they even killed people in the shooting while the Nazional Guard sat and watched. Once a fascist, always a fascist.

By the way, my S.O., a public servant, has been told that they ALL have to go Sunday to the chavista march. And all have to wear a red shirt. Or else. And my sister in law sister has also been told so. All Caracas public employees that are not Sunday in downtown Caracas are under threat. I am of a mind to accompany my beloved to that event, but I refuse to buy a red shirt: chavismo will have to give me one.

Well, I better stop and post. Gotta get ready before the Rosales goons come to my door and force me to go to the Distribuidor Veracruz! Oh, wait! I got that wrong! It is the chavista goons that force people to go, or not to go, as needed.

UPDATE: They are also closing the Guarenas highway. That is, in both cases, Guarenas and ARC, they are claiming to be doing "clean up" and "safety measures". Except that these were overdue for months and they are, coincidentally, undertaken today AND ONLY in the TO Caracas direction. The from Caracas direction is clear. I was wondering, if they were ONLY 20% ahead in polls, would they force Caracas people to leave the city to make sure they do not attend the Rosales rally?

-The end-

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