Saturday, November 25, 2006

El Catatumbo in Caracas: preparing Rosales rally

I was aimlessly doing some late Internet when a large firework started. Soon, all along the Cota Mil, from diverse positions big fireworks were released. Curious I tuned on TV to learn that it was El Catatumbo in Caracas.

There is an interesting climate phenomenon to the South of the Zulia lake where the conjunction of hot air from the lake, cool air from the Andes and shifting humidity creates some spectacular lightning effects without the need of much clouds or rain. This is called "El Relampago del Catatumbo", for the main river in that area.

So, since Rosales, a man of Zulia, and of Southern Zulia at that, is coming tomorrow to close his campaign in Caracas, the natives are welcoming him with the largest firework we have seen in a long time. Fun! And gorgeous as the Cota Mil separates the lights of the city from the dark of the National Park.

Meanwhile mercifully the CNE is banning polls as of Sunday (this page will remain open to poll publication as Blogger is hosted in the US and the CNE cannot do anything against me! And this includes exit polls if someone cares to send them to me). Thus we will be able to obsess about something more constructive, such as making sure that we count all the votes.

Thus Caracas is getting ready for what might be the biggest march rally in our history by closing the central highway as of Midnight. Meanwhile a fretful government has decided to ban public gatherings of more than a few people on December 2 and 3. Yeah, right....

PS: added a few minutes alter. El Universal comes up with the fireworks explanation.

-The end-

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