Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The US killed Bolivar and FOX manipulated the news

Well, after today that is what is left for Chavez to say. We have the strange feeling that we could hold our breath waiting without much damage...

The Spanish version of the news gives us more details. Apparently Chaevz talked for 4 hours to tell us that the US, already becoming an evil empire in 1830 started circulating rumors about Bolivar to start a psychological warfare. There must have been a FOX like network then, no? Never mind that psychology had not been invented yet, and that the Evil Empire was barely reaching the Mississippi with a few log cabins and mud huts.

But the craziness of Chavez and his ignorance on so many things and his willingness to display his ignorance is not what matters here. What is really shocking for a Venezuelan like me is that he gave the order to open the hallowed tomb of Bolivar. Just like that, because he thinks that Bolivar was assassinated before tuberculosis took him away. No one of course told Chavez that in these days EVERYONE knew that advanced tuberculosis like Bolivar had was assumed to be a death sentence and no one needed to hurry up to assassinate such folks unless there was some juicy inheritances at stake. That was not the case for Bolivar who was on his way into exile, then a politically defeated man of little threat.

No, what is terrible here is that Chavez thinks that he has the right to play with the country's symbol as he pleases, that he does not need to name a commission first that will study whether opening the sarcophagus of Bolivar is a justified endeavor. He gave the order and you know that as scary as it is it might happen, and there will be no serious supervision on how this will be done and that simply what is at stake might be Chavez wanting a piece of Bolivar to do voodoo to recover from his terrible year of 2007, sealed with his stunning loss of December 2.

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PS: I do not know whether FOX manipulates the news, I only watch CNN on occasion and they are themselves not above doing it. I just used FOX because it seems to be the a favorite target of the pro Chavez crowd.

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