Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Chavez and McCain

OK, I should be in bed already but I just heard the spectacular concession speech of McCain. I am old enough to have heard a few of those ones but I have to say that McCain was the best. In grace, sense of history and personal integrity it will be difficult to be matched.

Compare this to the concession insults of Chavez last year in December 2007. In particular a few days after the loss when he interrupted his army staff announcement on something to condemn the "victoria de mierda" of the opposition (or was that "pirrica"?). It was difficult to look as bitter an evil as Chavez did that day.

The difference of course is that McCain is a honorable public servant, a real one, and a democrat. Ah, he also truly loves his country.

Chavez is neither- Chavez is just a low life thug.

-The end-

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