Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Chavez football/soccer stadium in Libya

Oh dear! How to put a good spin on the latest tales of "adventures in personality cult"?

In Benghazi, Libyia, they have decided to name their latest football stadium for Hugo Chavez. There is so much wrong in this that one does not know where to start.

First, Chavez is a baseball fan. The irony of a soccer joint called after him is just delicious. Though considering his advanced narcissistic pathology at this pointy such ironies must escape him.

Second, why is Libya so intent on glorifying Chavez? After all they awarded him the Qaddafi peace/humanitarian price or something like that. I suppose our boy Muammar cannot find anyone else foolish enough to accept such award in the West. Or now that Chavez is like Muammar president-king, it is a mere case of asinus asinum fricat?

Third, how much will this cost us? Not a meager question since knowing our Hugo boy he will reciprocate with something like the Khadhafi museum in Sabaneta or something.

Fourth, will that mean that Gadaffi will visit Venezuela and plant his tent in Plaza Bolivar, or Parque del Este as he did in Paris a year ago?

And more, but right now I prefer to have a sorry thought for the old Cyrene philosophers who must be rolling in their grave... Knowledge is lost, truly.

-The end-

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