Thursday, September 03, 2009

No mas Chavez pics and fun stuff


Apparently I will not be able to go to Valencia to attend the No Mas Chavez rallies, not even to Caracas on Saturday for the next one on defending our rights to protest.

However I can publish pictures :)

Anyone that goes to any rally anywhere in the world, please try to take a pic that reflects the mood of your rally site. It does not matter whether you were a dozen or a dozen of thousand, the point is that there was a rally.

On other related matters:

As expected, chavismo decided on the last minute to mount its counter marches. Besides resorting to the childish mine is bigger than yours, they demonstrate that they really do not get the point: it is so unusual that a specific leader is targeted in such a way that they probably would have been better off ridiculing the No Mas Chavez movement and move on. But no, by doing that they only highlight Chavez while he is visiting the most unpalatable regimes of the planet.... The Christian Science Monitor titles the junket admirably "looking for love in all the wrong places"!

Amen of the fact that petrodollars and all they might not be able to rally as many people to their counter rally than the No Mas Chavez folk. Of course, you will never know that from VTV alone, which is the sole objective of chavismo in its permanent disinformation of the country.

Elsewhere the Internet wars rage. Twitter and the web offer more and more cities and info on tomorrow activities even though some of the organizers have been threatened. I think the US must up to two dozen cities by now! Check out Twitter to see if your city appears.

Even Foreign Policy Morozov, the guy in charge of Internet commentary, dedicates an entry to No Mas Chavez: "Chavez is smarter than FARC, at least on Facebook". He notes that the anti FARC success of last year was duly noted and that chavismo is replying. However he cites Eva Golinger as if she were some authority on the field when readers of this blog have long been told what a failure this new version of Tokyo Rose is in reality. If indeed Eva is in charge then No Mas Chavez has little to fear. As I checked few minutes ago No Mas Chavez had 168 781 members while Eva Facebook joint had only 295! I kid you not!!!! But of course the sloppiness of Eva's work is as usual, with the French part of the title "sur le pied de paix" meaning nothing in French, not even a good take (or pun?) on the known "en pied de guerre" which actually means something and is used in context that really do not apply here.

This is going to be fun...

Update1. Even Tal Cual mentions Eva Facebok. Obviously they think her more able than what we do.

Update2. Micheletti of Tegucigalpa gets to attend the No Mas Chavez in Honduras. Let's see how the pro Chavez camp counters that over there, a potential excellent free bonus for Micheletti if any....

-The end-

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