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Crazed Iris Varela is solving the jail problem of Venezuela by... emptying the jails

Those crazy eyes....
When Iris Varela was appointed minister for "penitentiary services" in care of "liberty-deprived citizens" in the PC lingo du jour, I thought she would really go to bat to "solve" the problems.  That is, if we assume that solving the problem means taking it away from Chavez political image.

There are two ways to do that.  The rational one which means, e.g., building fast at least some sort of provisional interment camps for low risk prisoners, and those accused of crimes not involving murder.  That way overcrowding and delinquency education is partially solved while new jails are built for the medium term solution, as long term solutions of social changes to decrease crime rates are undertaken.  She is crazy but she has the big mouth required to obtain from the regime, in election years, the funds for such endeavors.

And there is the bat-crazy way that, sure enough, she picked.

The woman first decided that there was 40% of people that should not be in jail.  Criteria were not revealed but we assumed that it would include those pending trial for crimes not related to loss of lives (and those condemned for non lethal crimes).

One can be allowed to have mixed feelings about such decision.  After all part of the jail overcrowding is due to inexcusable judicial delays linked mostly to corruption and a lazy judicial system.  A case could be made that your small time robber might be better off in the streets than in jail awaiting trial, where he would surely acquire the experience and contacts to go into a real life of crime once he is released (or even before he is released....).  But 40%?  Why such exact number within days of her designation?

But she meant business because she also announced that all judges that would not be willing to expedite criminal dossiers would be fired.  She would phone the TSJ as needed....  One cannot make up such things, she actually said it.  Proving, by the way, to those idiots that still believed in a separation of powers in Venezuela that there is no such thing as an independent judiciary.

We were barely dealing with that piece of news, already thinking about what new defenses to our home we would add, and places and hours we should all cross from our daily movements, when she decided today that well, neither the courts nor the police could send anyone to jail unless she allowed it.  That is, overcrowding will not get worse, and if any judge reaches a decision, or if any police department makes an arrest, well, they will have to keep the new "privado de libertad" at the station, at home, wherever they can, or release him/her to our good citizen care.

El Nacional publishes the memo of the new minster (who has even her official stamp already, the type of things the regime is efficient at).  Let's admit it, it is a masterpiece of briefness and fuck-you prose: one paragraph, one sentence.  She must have written it herself (did she even have time to hire a secretary?), probably very smug to put herself above justice, her often expressed dissatisfaction (contempt?) on how justice operates in Venezuela allowing such speculation.

There is a method in this utter madness which is deliberately sending people to hide at home in terror.

Fist, no matter how obviously crazed the measures are, after the 1 month siege of El Rodeo jail the government needs to give the impression that it is doing something.  Anything.  The more so since it needs to regains the "privados de libertad" vote which is much larger than what you think as not only prisoners are allowed to vote but also their relatives who have been shown very pissed off during El Rodeo disaster.

Second, for all the talk of crime, polls do not show that it is taken much out of the chavista lumpen electoral base.  In a beggarized country through Mercal and other co-dependency programs, it seems that people are more concerned about cheap food than being robbed. And the people that would suffer the most from a renewed expanding crime rate, as freedom rings for malandros, are not voting for Chavez anyway.

It has got to be such a win-win situation for chavista pollsters that the interior ministry had the gall to declare a couple of days ago that the crime came from the 4th republic ancien regime.  Forgetting conveniently to mention that Chavez has been already 12 fucking years in office under whose tenure crime rate went up about three fold.

In third, as a bonus, it allows the regime to deflect the guilt more on the judicial system incompetence rather than the regime own incompetence, or its economic policies that can only but increase crime.  The already pimped up high court, TSJ, will certainly oblige Chavez and take the guilt, in exchange of yet a newly increased paycheck as they keep doing by violating the public workers income laws granting themselves abundant bonuses.  Thus there is nothing to hope from the TSJ who is already behaving like those people it is supposed to put in jail....

See, I told you, Iris Valera was going to solve the jail problem.  For Chavez image, that is.


  1. Boludo Tejano9:59 AM

    Actually, it is a brilliant move. Release murderers. Give each of the released murderers a gun and a hit list of oppo supporters.

    This addition by subtraction way maintaining an electoral majority could be likened to pruning a tree.
    :) (which indicates sarcasm/humor, for the humor-deprived)

  2. You got the caption on the photo right, Daniel.

    Reminds me of Jack Nicholson in The Shining!

  3. You are right Roberto. I was wondering who she reminded me in that picture...

  4. -this ditty should have been about twilight zone instead :(

    I am Iris, crazed and green
    my enemy oppos are always mean
    I am the anti Jedi knight
    cause i teach criminals to fight or flight
    r2d2 is out of control
    -but I'm on cool mephistophelean roll

  5. Hahahahaha! I see the post and think: The Shining! And I open the comments and see. I will write about this in German as well, as many people as possible need to know. I will snap the picture as well if that's OK

  6. kepler

    i took it from el nacional. who took it from BBC i think

  7. Here's a comprehensive, simple solution to our jail overcrowding issue:

    1. Gather the nastiest thugs, murderers, repeat offenders, child molesters in one filthy jail. Make sure you you mix the worst criminals from all of the rival gangs, those which hate each other the most. Mix the races too.

    2. Give them plenty of big knives and various "armas blancas", chuzos, puyas, toda vaina menos pistolas y rifles, zero armas de fuego.

    3. Supply them with a large variety of potent drugs, --no weed or pacifying stuff like extasy.. but generous loads of coke, meth, acid, shrooms, substances to make them even more aggressive and paranoid. Limit the food and drink so they're all pissed off and hungry. Zero medical attention shall be available. Strictly survival of the fittest, most horrible prison. animals

    Let'em "take matters into their own hands for a couple months, until most of them are dead. Then bring in some more repeat offenders.

    Listo el pollo. Y barato.

  8. Roger6:53 PM

    Everywhere I have been in the Spanish world the concept of crime prevention has been to lock the criminals out not in with iron bars on the windows, gates and high fences not to mention armed guards. While most Latin countries including the Philippines try as best they can to control crime, Chavez & co not only ignore it, they with the carta (under seal) above approve it. How can they plead ingnorance when they can read in Spanish hell other countried like Mexico are going through.


    In the land of Twilight Zone will this be the ending? Will Chavez repent in vain?

  10. RabbiBulla7:45 PM

    It is all a part of
    "Venezeula noir"- a world
    with no "happy endings".
    In truth, very few cases are
    solved. Ahh-we need
    Inspector Jacques Clouseou..

  11. Charly8:45 PM

    "And the people that would suffer the most from a renewed expanding crime rate, as freedom rings for malandros, are not voting for Chavez anyway".

    Isn't the crime rate far higher in the poor barrios, Chavez's supporters?

  12. RabbiBulla9:07 PM

    "Proving, by the way, to those idiots that still believed in a separation of powers in Venezuela that there is no such thing as an independent judiciary."
    Yes- it should scare the hell out of everyone- no justice,no rights, really- no law- just 'el pueblo' and Godhead Chavez and his henchmen..
    Daniel- this article really makes me angry about one of my major complaints aboutVenezuela-crime.
    (For many years, my brother-in-law has had a brisk business-burglar bars, steel doors, gates, etc..)

  13. 1979 Boat People3:57 AM

    As if she was thinking about the "The killing field" movie. No?

  14. RabbiBulla4:00 AM

    She has a "blood-thirsty"
    Halloween-witch look, I think.
    Watch out!She's going to barf..

  15. Interesting that in Venezuela only the government and the criminals have guns.

    Sledge's solution was suggested by an unidentified Marine in Somalia some time back. I'm quoting from memory from one of PJ O'Rourke's books:

    "The problem here is they don't have enough weapons. They should arm every citizen with modern weapons, then build a 30 foot high wall around the country and let them work it out."

    From my own experience, I'd say that Venezuelans as a whole are remarkably non violent, much less so than the US or Mexico, but the 1 or 2% of violent psychopaths end up in the military, the government, or as street criminals, or all of the above at once. Arm the ordinary people and that might change.

    An armed society is a polite society.

  16. England Calling9:41 AM

    The Good And The Bad......
    A little off subject here but....
    Here in England this weekend Ive just been watching the BBC Proms.
    Gustavo Dudamel leading the Sinfonica Simon Bolivar De Venezuela on both radio and t.v. WONDERFUL once again high praise from everyone and great press reports.
    On the other hand , Ive just watched Mari Pili Heranandez ( nice voice ) singing good bye to Chavez as he leaves for Cuba. Another great show.....if you like a good laugh !!!!!

  17. The Philippines a Latin country? Much much much less than Texas, California, New Mexico and other regions now part of the States. The Latin presence in those places is actually much stronger.

    As far as "polite society": he?
    what are you talking about?

    You will always get the wackos like in Norway, but in general in countries such as these gun deaths are a fraction of what they are in the States.
    And we can buy a lot of weapons. Here it's just that most people don't get excited about them.

    There are few places where I cannot walk at ease at night in Western Europe - like some Parisian suburbs -.

  18. RabbiBulla12:47 PM

    "An armed society is a polite society." You are full of it, m-astera.
    I guess you are waiting outside the Kalishnikov factory right now for yours...
    Again, you are absolutely sick.
    Must I remind you-that you previously insulted Venzuelans -now yousay "venezuelans are peaceful"more so than others-baloney.-again.
    One day you talk this way Next -the opposite..

  19. M Astera,

    I don't how long or where you have lived in Venezuela( my guess is Margarita), however, be careful, there are many highly dangerous places, especially in Caracas, but even the llanos were quite dangerous since time memorial.
    Maybe where you are confusing things is in the fact that many Venezuelans are openly passive, and not that assertive, which should never be confused with non violent.Some of the most passive people are the most violent in the end.In fact, passive aggressive behavior almost always ends in violence.There are many sweet and complaint people in Oriente especially, but you need to take a closer look.In a place where crime is as high as it is in Venezuela your thinking on this needs more reflection.

  20. sorry meant to say compliant , not complaint

  21. Kepler,

    In the face of your incorrect assessment I feel obligated for the sake of integrity to object, starting with your assumption that people who own guns in the US are excited about them.Like I said there is no debate to be had in the face of useless irrationality( as opposed to useful),so some good advice might be:

    Sometimes intuition is our best ally ,it should be the Master and not the slave.The slave should be the rational mind.... but when we are comparing crime rates in terms of numbers we must take on a keenly observing scientific frame of mind.Saying that you can walk around in Western Europe feeling safe is nothing more than anecdotal.What does it prove?Even publishing statistics is not scientific as any one who can copy and paste can do this work themselves, and it is a purely mindless and mechanical task, not to mention that there is a perfect and manipulative statistic out there for just about anything you want to say.One reason for their power to manipulate is precisely because few people look at them objectively.

    If I say that US crime has gone down drastically since the 60's( which it has), and yet more people own guns than ever, I must come up with more than the ownership of guns to account for this statistic.Since 1991, when violent crime peaked, it has decreased 43% to a 35-year low. Murder has fallen 49% to a 45-year low. At the same time, the number of guns that Americans own has risen by about 90 million.

  22. RabbiBulla5:20 PM

    "the fact that many Venezuelans are openly passive, and not that assertive, which should never be confused with non violent.Some of the most passive people are the most violent in the end.In fact, passive aggressive behavior almost always ends in violence."
    Kepler, I am sure this is 100% correct. And, this worries me because-Venezuela may "explode" and Chavez "knows" this-I guess he is using his "intuition, right-Firepigette.
    But, I always thought the same thing would happen in Cuba, too..

  23. Firepigette,

    I think you should stick to New Age blogs. You can also say your stats on gun possession are just copy paste.

    Statistics on murder rates are rather reliable both in North America and in Western Europe. Murder rates in Western Europe are considerably lower than in the USA.
    You really sound like a Chavista, who claims it is all about "sensations"
    In France less than 2 people are murdered per 100 000 inhabitants every year. In the States it is over twice as many. In Venezuela it is well over 50.

  24. So Kepler, if the ordinary people in Venezuela were allowed to own guns, do you think there would be more crime, or less? Would they suddenly start using the guns to kill and rob each other? My experience has been that those who use violence or threats of violence to get what they want are a small minority of any population.

    If you carried a weapon daily, concealed or open, would that make you more likely to shoot or rob someone? On the other hand, might it make the killers and robbers hesitate about messing with someone if they knew they might be armed?

    Or would things remain the same?

    Another question, if you please: Those Parisian suburbs that you wouldn't want to walk at night, who lives in them?

    FP, I live on Margarita these days and have spent a little time in Caracas. I don't know the rest of the country, but I've been around a lot in Canada, the US, and Mexico and in places that aren't "safe". As a rule, if one doesn't look or act like a victim they will be left alone. The only armed people who have robbed me in Venezuela have been the police.

    Word Verification: Creara :-)

  25. Kepler you misquote me here:

    "You really sound like a Chavista, who claims it is all about "sensations" Read again.

    Bottom line:

    1 You cannot statistically show that crime in the US is produced by a lack of gun control

    2. comparing 2 different countries does not prove that in either one the same reason exists for the same results.

    Lol!! Kepler you have expanded and expounded on the meaning of the "NEW Age" to include:

    - whatever Carlos Kepler does not comprehend.

  26. RabbiBulla1:20 AM

    "As a rule, if one doesn't look or act like a victim they will be left alone."-What rubbish.
    m_astera- I think you are in Nicaragua-and obviously you were raised inUS. Oh, I suppose you look and act like Rambo-ha...

  27. RabbiBulla4:11 AM

    'The only armed people who have robbed me in Venezuela have been the police.'m astera= and if you
    had a gun- would you have stopped

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Astera, what I am trying to say is that no matter how many weapons the average people have, you are not getting more security for them. Your accounts about not having problems in Venezuela are totally anecdotal, unlike large amounts of police reports with names and ages of people murdered every month in each state (which Firepigette considers as anecdotal, even in the case of the USA and Europe).

    Firepigette is over-interpreting things, although she does that automaticall whenever she feels her "patriotic feelings" are hurt by some negative aspect of her country, flag-waving all the time. She wouldn't do that if the criticism were about Madagascar or Mexico.

    Fact is guns don't help. More often than not people do not use them for self-defence, they have no time. It's not like in those Western movies, it is seldom the case you get this heroic moment of "hey, Joe, put that gun down or I'll shoot you, don't move, I'll call the police". That's for cop films in the States and Europe, not for reality.

    Fact is in Venezuela a lot of weapons get stolen because legal owners don't know how to deal with them.

    Too slopy gun control in the States has led to the massive traffic of powerful weapons to Mexico, which have been used by Mexican gangsters lately. US authorities were so thick that they even promoted such process.

    Project Gunrunner someone?

    By the way: you can buy a lot of weapons here. I am not sure about which ones exactly, but you get the ones that can cause a lot of damage. And you get from time to time people running amok, although the Norwegian thing was extreme.
    But you get less people with unaccounted "stolen" guns anywhere. Actually: a lot of them come from Eastern Europe.

    Here I have to have a real ID with me all the time. The government knows where every individual is supposed to live - most of the time. Although that can be circumvented, it certainly helps in sorting out where someone may be hiding. It is more difficult to hide.
    And don't tell me you prefer another system and this is a totalitarian one while others are not; illegal screening of your communication is the rule in North America and elsewhere- read NSA - without bringing much security.

    Prisons here have issues, like everywhere, but they haven't become the big industry they are in the States and much less the shameless criminal factory they are in Venezuela.

    Last but not least, I drop a term:
    social inequality.

  30. Kep, Since you don't want to reply with Statistics as I would have wished, I will catch your little term and throw it back to you in allegory :

    Once upon a time there lived a great and guaramo caique named Chavez, in the beautiful oil rich lands of the Indians (what is now known as Venezuela)and who was known for his sneaky might and reputation as a fierce coupster.

    His kingdom encompassed the entire country and his enemies feared him even in their dreams as he made his voodoo sacrifices against them and called upon his personal army to intimidate. Yet he was also known to be a wise ruler by some who ushered a compassionate and fair form of prosperity ,by giving the poor their due, and reducing social injustice.

    And so it once happened that a beggar from the barrios walked into his lavish home in Miraflores and declared that he had a complaint against the Cacique himself.

    Everybody was outraged that a beggar would stand up to a Cacique, but the great Cacique who WAS the people in "reality", said,

    “Don’t be scared MACHETE Speak up.”

    “Everyone says that you have guaramo and are powerful and care about the little people, but I say that you’re cruel.”

    "Caramba machete porque?"

    Because you put oppos in jail , and threaten people all the time, yet most of us real people are not able to defend ourselves.We are helpless !!!

    -To which the Great Cacique smiled and replied in his ever so sympatico voice,

    “If I were a beggar, I’d not aspire to be Cacique if I were you”

  31. One released prisoner is a tragedy (think Afiuni).

    20,000 released prisoners is a statistic.

  32. RabbiBulla9:29 PM

    You lost me, Firepigette- I don't get it??? Your story- the point is?
    And, spare me the chavista dream/fantasies- Venezuela is not a "fairy tale"..
    Also- what does all this voodoo stuff have to do with reality?

  33. I just noticed that the memo is signed as Dra. Iris Varela... Is she really a Doctor (MD or PhD), or do you get the title when you become a political figurehead? You know to differentiate you from "Licenciados" and such... just wondering

  34. RabbiBulla2:32 AM

    Iris Varela-is symbolic.
    All she wants is to spawn
    with Chavez.-Model

  35. Roger5:22 AM

    Roberto: Doctora or Dra usualy refers to a Lawyer as much as MD's in Venezuela. Licencio is more like a Batchlors Degree. Perhaps someone has the full list. The only other title I know is Inginerio which I assume also requires certification?

  36. Roger:

    Licenciado= Bachelor

    Ingeniero= Engineer

    Dr. or Dra= Doctor

    Theoretically all of the above imply a degree of some kind, but there are many who without any degree "adopt" the title that suits them, just because.

    Which led an acquaintance of mine to remark the following:

    "Doctor? Asi le dicen a los pendejos en mi pueblo"

  37. Roger: you are right about the doctora thing (assuming she is a lawyer)... I still think the whole thing with the titles is so backwards.
    When I worked making auto parts in Valencia and the workers would call me Ingeniero it made me feel like in a plantation in the 1800s (For the record, I have a BS and MS in engineering but I did not register with the Colegio de Ingenieros, so I couldn't legally sign any blueprints...)

  38. Gun Ownership Mandatory In Kennesaw, Georgia --- Crime Rate Plummets.
    Kennesaw was selected by Family Circle magazine as one of the nation's "10 best towns for families"


  39. Kepler-

    You really make me laugh sometimes, and I don't mean that in a cruel way. Social inequality. No, that's not it. You live in northern Europe in a northern European society that likes orderliness and has the intelligence and technical ability to achieve that. Not all other races and other peoples have that ability or really that desire. The politically correct slogans that you believe don't change reality any more than the ones the Marxist "revolutionaries" spout change reality.

    I could take you to many very poor white areas of the US where you or anyone would be safe walking down the street at night. The same does not hold true for the black areas, period. From all I have read, heard, and seen, it's the same in Europe, and economics has little to do with it. It's reality, and wishful egalitarian slogans haven't changed it yet. I suppose now I will be called names for speaking the truth that anyone can see.

    Also, you don't understand how it is in a population that is legally armed like the US is. I'm sure you can buy illegal weapons in Germany; in the US you can walk into the local hardware store and buy what you want, guns and ammo. Where do the killings happen, though? The same places you wouldn't walk through at night. That is simply how it is.

  40. Michael,
    You are racist and know very little history or geography.
    Lithuanians are blacker than Ugandans, Estonians than Argentinians.
    Colombians became suddenly whiter. Chileans are whiter than Argentines.
    The white WASP villages you know are comparable with New Orleans.
    Geez, wonder, you quote The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Do we need to say more?


    You are a real scientist, yeah.

    End of conversation

  41. Thanks, m_astera, for saying it as it is. Of course you will be labeled a racist, bigot, xenophobe and what not, except the truth is on your side.

  42. Kepler, your standard answer for everything you cannot prove is to call people ugly names...I keep repeating to you, prove your points with this lady also racist ?

  43. Mike, Astera,

    Use arguments. Your little gringo world defines the world for you: you knew a couple of areas in the States where whites were poor but everybody could feel safe and you infer from that your whole wisdom. Then you surf around the net looking for your conspiracy theory sites - in English, of course-, else you can't read them- and that's it.

    If you knew a little bit of history you would know there have been quite a lot of periods where crime, very violent crime was more the norm among white populations.
    Things have nothing to do with race, but with very complex developments.

    Mike, that is not racist?
    I give you. You have been living in Venezuela for many years now and you can't even speak Spanish.

  44. .Kepler,

    And now you are confusing Michael (Astera) and Mike (that would be me). I quoted 2 of many headlines about gun laws in Kennesaw, GA. Have you ever been there? No, you haven't, but I have, and actually have family living there and can corroborate the story. And btw, you will need google earth to find it.

    I live In a neighborhood in FL, where everybody owns guns. It's an old little town which kept a Western rural theme and the fact about the guns is well known, and, most importantly, the thugs know it too. WE HAVE ZERO CRIME. It's a fact, nothing more, nothing less.

    You know Kepler, while you are anti Chavez, you have more in common with him then you have been able to figure out. You are part of the radical, USA hating, corporation despising, UN ass kissing, Israel condemning, Fox detesting, social engineering loving, anthropogenic global warming, sorry: anthropogenic climate change, no sorry: anthropogenic climate CRISIS (up / down / no change: covers all and still = CRISIS!) embracing hard left. And that's fine, except people have different opinions.

    You however, have no time for dissenting opinions, in other words, you do NOT respect freedom of speech. You immediately resort to name calling, or using offensive qualifying adjectives describing the "offending" poster(s), yet you are an expert in brown-nosing the blog owners.

    And btw, by now everybody knows that you presumably speak umpteen languages, and guess what? Nobody cares. This is an English board. But worse, you believe you are the only multilangual, educated person on this board. You're wrong.  You think that your and your opinion is without exception the ultimate and only truth. You're wrong. You believe the pursuit of happiness is only possible in Europe. You're wrong.

    Btw, Kepler, what says you about the riots in the U.K.? Would you like to tell us the truth about who the people are that are rioting? The media only shows us pics of hooded people from behind, no faces, no skin color, no gender, why? and what are they rioting about? Oh well, we know better, it's about looting / stealing the "in" stuff, that us normal people work for and then buy it AND PAY FOR IT. And for the most part, we know who they are. It is too obvious. Even the pundits had to call it as it is.

    I have read some of your posts in German. Sure, understandable, however: Style = Volksschule, ca. 4. Klasse. Grammar: deplorable / full of basic mistakes. I wouldn't publish stuff like yours for a German audience, because it's embarrassing. Sorry. Maybe your Swahili is better. I don't have a Master in that language and therefore couldn't judge it.


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