Thursday, October 20, 2011

One less tyrant: Qaddafi dead

Or so it seems even though Reuters keep posting that he has been captured.  But the consensus seems that he is dead; and good riddance.  Yes, good riddance because in his case a trial would have been nearly useless.  After all the violence he created in Libya through his stubbornness no "peaceful" outcome was possible anymore.  Where would have the trial been held?  In Tripoli?  The Hague?  Where would "objectivity" been possible?  Trials of war criminals in the Hague do not seem to bring much peace to their country of origin.

The issue here is that there is an imaginary line of violence and sectarianism that cannot be crossed.  If it is crossed then peaceful resolution becomes useless and execution becomes the only option.  Period.  True, it is worth to send to trial those who "followed orders" because such Nuremberg like trials do serve a pedagogic purpose in their country of origin as they illustrate the different tools the regime used to rule and oppress.  But for the supreme evil, the one that started it all, there is no trial worthwhile pushing because support for that person had become an act of faith.  Does anyone thinks that a Hitler trial would have avoided skin heads and assorted neo-nazi movements?  Saddam legal hanging brought peace to Iraq?

Now, in the case of Chavez a trial would be excellent!  Because Chavez reached his position courtesy of high oil prices more than any peculiar evil talent like those named above (OK, so Qaddafi also benefited from oil prices but early in his tenure he showed a willingness for evil and a megalomania that even Chavez has not reached in spite of his best efforts).  Thus I am very sorry that cancer may deprive us of a Chavez trial.  I mean it, because a trial of Chavez and his minions, a real trial, is the only way we may have to avoid the creation of a neo-peronism that will doom the country for decades.

Special note for any stupid pro Chavez pro Qaddafi creep that may still be reading this blog: Qaddafi would still be alive had he bailed out, say, 4 months ago.  Why did he not do it?  Why did he not take refuge in Sudan or Venezuela?  Ask yourself that because his extended survival was not due to any love of his country as he was almost overthrown from Tripoli early in the revolt before his mercenaries recovered control for him.  At best Sirte for tribal reasons wanted him.  Now they are in ruins.

Qaddafi's dernier quart d'heure.  NOT FOR THE WEAK.


  1. Daniel my dear,
    de la escoria del mundo, uno menos!

  2. finally justice was made

  3. Real justice could have been that this murderous monster had been captured, tortured for a few years, gone to trial and sentenced to death, then repeatedly raped in prison, to then die a slow, unnatural and painful death. It would help in setting a precedent for history. He got away to easy, like a coward, fleeing, and died too quickly, considered the 40+ years of unspeakable atrocities he was responsible for. Much like Hussein or Noriega, hopefully they are not getting TV privileges in Jail.

    Chavez? I'd also like to see a trial before nature and cancer make him pay for what he's done.

  4. RabbiBulla8:00 PM

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  5. Sorry Rabbi, but certain things I cannot allow in my blog because the one taht will be in trouble is me, not you.

  6. Anonymous9:40 PM

    The chavistas should look at this video repeatedly. Time and time again. It should disauade them to try and emulate their "Bolivar-like hero". If they give up timely, this fate might be spared them. They should help to reach a peaceful and democratic solution to the Venezuelan conflict. The world will not tolerate another "whatever his name was". Allahu akbar.

  7. apparently he died like the filthy rat he was, hiding on some sewage pipes, scared and begging for mercy, much like Saddam, or Osama hiding behind his wife and civilians.. Nice. These tyrants are never as tough as they claim to be, are they.. Wasn't he supposed to die fighting, with dignity as a martyr? Of course not. and the French from Nato nailed him first. Allez les Bleus!!

  8. RabbiBulla10:20 PM

    I understand.


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