Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday funnies

Since it is Friday a couple of pictures to amuse you

Now we know why Chavez was such a defender of Zelaya in Honduras.  As you can see in the below self explaining picture, there is/was a drug shuttle between Honduras and Venezuela (courtesy NYT).  Note: not Nicaragua, Honduras.  The Sandinista beloved leader might be a child abuser but he is not crazy enough to go into drug traffic full speed....  The more so when booze seems to be enough for him......

The other picture is too good to pass. In an era of Photoshop, no matter what the regime tries to do to impress the uncouth masses, the humorists find a way to trash it, and fast... See a couple of post before if you do not get the humor.

No wonder Chavez is pissed even further at Capriles now that it has been revealed that Capriles is a distant relative of Bolivar....

Ah!  Venezuela!  never a dull moment....


  1. Island Canuck8:10 PM

    Love that picture. Just perfect.

    And Chavez is really pissed off about the tie between Capriles & Bolivar.

    He said it was some drunk 8th cousin or something. It really bothers him. The sensible thing would have been to simply ignore it.

    1. There has been a long running rumor that the real reason why Chavez was so much after Leopoldo Lopez was because some witch doctor predicted that Chavez would only be defeated by a relative of Bolivar. Lopez is indeed a "legitimate" relative of Bolivar. Capriles comes from a natural son of Bolivar's father, but a bolivar nevertheless. Close enough in my book :)

    2. Charly8:30 PM

      Daniel, that one is sooo good, I nearly fell off my chair laughing. Talk about falling from the frying pan into the fire, or does it have to do with karma?

    3. Si gana Capriles hay que condecorar al brujo!!

  2. A few years back,friend on Utila Island off the coast of Honduras woke up to a visitor. A drug plane had mechanical trouble and landed at night. When they went to insepect what was going on they were told to get lost at gunpoint. Calls to police and military were ignored. That chart shows what I have been hearing for years in Honduras.


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