Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Waldoniel History Walk

There is this little video of a typical walk during this trip: wind, rain, cold, like a November in May.  I will give a full explanation later. Enjoy your speculations.

And you certainly will agree that this is more interesting and fresh than the score from Mario Silva...

Update: I will not lift the mystery completely but will explain the video (I have another post coming).

During WWII the Germans built a defensive wall all along the Atlantic Coast. It was breached in Normandy with great difficulty but breached nevertheless. However, it would have been equally difficult anywhere else.

On the Atlantic coast that goes from the Gironde to Spain there is a long stretch of tall sand dunes and the Germans had to build huge defenses, blockhaus, on top of dunes. By definition there is no hard ground below a dune by the sea shore. However dunes move, beaches are eroded in places and grow in other places. What you see in the clip are two set of such defenses that fell down over the decades towards the eroding shores. But not only that, they got closer to each one!!!  Eventually they will become reef, disappear under water and maybe in a couple of decades will be covered by the sand of a new beach. Let's say the dunes behaved over time as a sort of quicksand.


  1. Wissant.With such weather: did you have the chance to see Britain?
    If that is Wissant, Julius Caesar departed from close to the area on his expedition.

  2. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Daniel, did you walk Le Cap Ferret ? I can smell the oysters ....

    1. I do not know whether the wind you hear in the soundtrack allows for oyster smell......

  3. Spooky.Looks like where a surrealist launches 2 of every animal into Space.

    Go home Daniel


    1. That's German engineering, Firepig. WW2, the Wall.

  4. Anonymous3:56 PM


    After suffering numerous mosquito bites on the 'woodsy' side of the river, Monet moved his paints and easel across the river and began work on drawing his murals on those concrete things and,....and,....oh never mind.

  5. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Rommel's Atlantic wall, made in France.

  6. wow Kepler, no wonder I feel the energy from my IPAD.If time is a galloping horse,I hear its hoof-beats coming from the edge of that world. I can even see lightening crash from from its stride like wind in the night.Now there are only remnants of pure beach that blow in the gale of its passage.

    Maybe there were people crying- "Let me crawl back into my grave and hide from time." Were there super soldiers ready to battle everything the evil Nazi's represented? I suppose that would be the other side of the coin.How many gave their all to protect the innocent?

    These are scary places, but full of meaning.


  7. Timbo9:47 PM

    They look like the remains of a Mulberry Harbour used by the Allies to facilitate the movement of equipment off the ships where no natural harbour was available.

    1. was just about to use the French name: Arromanches-les-Bains, Normandie.

  8. Anonymous11:40 PM

    I don't think Arromanche but could be the other one. There were two man made harbours, one used by the British and the other the Americans. The American harbour was destroyed very soon after completion due to bad weather and the harbour at Arromanches became the only support for the troops already landed.

    The capture of Cherbourg made the harbour at Arromanche more or less redundant.

    Pointe du Hoc and Pegasus Bridge a worth a look, assuming you are in that area.

  9. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Lomgues sur Mer, France


  10. Milonga7:30 PM

    How long is the mystery going to be kept?

  11. Anonymous1:06 PM

    They should get rid of those ugly war barriers. They wreck the view.

  12. Anonymous8:23 AM

    The true History of the usurpaztion of Aspeg 's Heritage


  13. Interesting.what I saw as a launching pad to another world for a doomed humanity, is actually quicksand for the depraved intentions.i would rather lift those structures out, grind them to a pulp, and throw some holy water over them...or better yet, callin the llamas for a special practice.i would want to reclaim those beaches.


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