Saturday, May 18, 2013

Maduro is a fascist idiot, the worst kind because they are cruel by sport

Lorenzo Mendoza promoting his competition?
Harina PAN all alone in the middle....
So tonight finally I checked out a few headlines and sure enough there is just too many idiocies that I cannot go to bed until I vent a little bit with you guys.

Apparently Maduro has been making a total ass of himself. I mean, TOTAL, as in without possible redemption, total enough that we truly must wonder why in hell Chavez named him his heir. Heck!  Even Ramirez starts looking good in comparison.  However I must also say that the idiotic presentations of Maduro seem at least to come in big part from his totally inadequate staff. What we see this week is the result of what happens when dumb instructs idiot.

Let's start with the Polar case I left you with last week end. Maduro attempt at blaming the Polar group for all of the food scarcity problem backfired badly as early as Monday when Lorenzo Mendoza, spotting a cheap shirt and surprising long hair showed all the corn flour brands that are supposedly produced in Venezuela. This great picture, reproduced from many angles depending on the media reporting  is clearly understandable for the Venezuelan on foot, in line, branded, for a couple of kilos of corn flour. They all know that when they find corn flour, it is most of the times from Polar, almost none from the other brands. Polar is the lone one working.... On Tuesday the regime had to back down and pretend that they were going to be all love and kisses and collaboration with Polar which may get, hold tight, a lease of some state plants that went under to refurbish them for the regime to pretend it produces corn flour again....

You would think that a chastised Maduro would know better, that by now he should have realized that the staff ad the food and agriculture ministries had no f*****g ideas of Polar realities and numbers and that he would stay quiet for a while.  Think again.....  On Thursday he attacked another big group, Protinal. This is the main poultry producer in Venezuela, at least a third of the country  and possibly the best run business in that field. I know that as a fact.  Apparently Maduro received a complaint from a local producer that Protinal refused to buy his corn, preferring instead to import it. So Maduro made a big show, accusing Protinal of sabotaging the local production of corn. and easy charge to do since Protinal is partly owned by Cargill, a world grain trader.

Unfortunately the guys around Maduro once again got it all wrong, pathetically wrong. To begin with, the local production is not enough anyway to cover all the corn needs for the country, be it white corn for Polar and its Harina PAN or yellow corn for livestock feed. Second, to be allowed to import corn you must prove that the bulk of Venezuela's crop has been bought and that there is a need to import. The regime would know that, Ivan Gil the minister for agriculture would know that if he were not such a political hack. His people signed whatever import license Protinal had. Third, indeed the regime forces my customers to buy corn but sometime the corn is of such low quality that they must refuse since the corn would kill their livestock because of its moldy content, its poor nutritional value, etc.... I also know that as a fact, I have seen many quality control results from many people in my consulting activities. Whoever complained to Maduro I am willing to bet had a dismal corn not fit for animal consumption. And finally, if Protinal in the end took its chance in not buying that corn it was because harassed enough elsewhere by the regime (CADIVI, supplies, labor laws, etc...  see this entry of the blog) it could not afford the losses in dead animals that this toxic corn would have caused.

OK, that would be enough for yours truly who knows his stuff.  But nooooo...  there had to be two purely extra fascist moments lurking in the news.

The idiot one first  Maduro has convoked (what is that new mania of convoking everyone now? Is this "I am not Chavez" attempt at renewing his image?) the owners of Venevision and Televen to his office next Monday. What for? To make a new type of TV, away from the anti values of capitalism,  away from promoting violence and what not. No more tawdry soap operas, no more violence inducing shows, only wholesome shows from now on. I guess cable TV and Direct TV will be banned too......  Fundamentalists in the US would be so lucky to have Maduro as president.....

But if the more than lame excuse of Maduro is officially that high crime rates in Venezuela are linked to bad TV the real reason is elsewhere: Maduro has been smarting that Televen and even Venevision dared to show some of Capriles activities in the last campaign. Very little did they show, and even less of Capriles questioning Maduro's pseudo victory  But that little was too much. So what Maduro is going to tell Cisneros and Camero next Monday is that he is going to prepare a Damocles sword of a law that will force them into passing bland ratings killing shows if they give the microphone to Capriles again.  Besides that naked show of fascist power, I am not going to shred a single tear for Cisneros and Camero and hope they will be shut down at once: these creeps negotiated with Chavez in the hope that offering bland to non critical news whatsoever would shield them from abuse of power, protect them from fascism.  Serves them right for abandoning RCTV or even helping to its demise as the case of Cisneros was, to his never ending shame.

And last but not least, the latest outrageously fascist attack of Maduro.  He had the nerve to say on the video below that he knows the identity of the 900,000 chavista that did not vote for him last April and that he was going to do something about it.  First, he admits publicly that indeed he lost that many votes, at the very least we should add if votes were truly counted as they should. Second he is lying because no matter what the electoral board did in matters of cheating it is very difficult to know who voted for whom unless hidden cameras were located in voting centers.  This is just a brutal and cruel fascist ploy to scare people into voting for Maduro next time, as if, I suppose, elections were coming soon...  Does Maduro knows something we do not know?

You can see it here, at second 28, he mentions the 900,000, ; at 34 seconds he says that we have their ID numbers; and there is a menacing pregnant pause that starts at second 36.......  with the evil smile included.......

XXI century fascism at work......


  1. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Funny you should mention it about the next vote. I have noticed new billboards that have been put up since the election stating vota maduro. I thought they were just using the ones that were left over, or prepared late to flood the streets with his ugly mug as a show of unity. Maybe the wheels are in motion for an upcoming select re-vote, and if so you can bet that the wheels are also in motion to insure this time that he will receive more votes in these areas...And I don't mean actually win more votes, but receive more votes. The electoral system is still broken, and it would be foolish to think that the results will reflect an accurate count, especially if maduro proposes it.


  2. Charly6:52 AM

    This idiocy of stating Toripollo knows who voted for who should serve Capriles very well if he is willing to play the game and accept this statement at face value to shout to the whole world: look this guy just confessed the vote is not secret. A neutron bomb handed on a silver plate. Will Capriles dare?

  3. torres5:30 PM

    I wouldn't be so confident that the vote was secret when, given the machine random generator seeds, it is relatively simple to calculate which vote corresponds to each person? Even without the seeds, the process can still be reversed to knowing with high probability each person's vote simply by adding the information from other known lists, such as the Tascon list.


  4. What's happening now is rather simple, Daniel. Indios en el poder,thieves, with no education, clinging to power because it brings tons of money, and some fame. It's not very complicated. Yhe rhetoric, of course, is a populist Chavista Communist discourse (thank God that murderous tyrant is DEAD).

    It's simply a matter of money and power, above all.

    Unlike Capriles or Lady Corina, bus driving THUGS like Maduro just want to get richer and more powerful. That's all. They couldn't care less about the real well fare of out people. Demagogic fools such as brutomaduro, might succeed with CHEATING, as when the steal an election in a filthy manner, or when they steal the TV and radio air time, or when they BRIBE the illiterate Venezuelan masses with gifts, arepas, or a promise for a "vivienda".

    That's how they do it, besides counting Cuban votes, and what not.

    It comes down to a general lack of education Daniel, as I've said many times before.

    Sadly, as you know all too well, la plupart de nos citoyens c'est des corruptes abrutis. Period. Corrupted, non-working people with very little education. They like it easy, enchufaos, and no work.

    I lived in Venezuela all my youth, and follow it closely ever since I got the hell outta there 20 years ago(preguntale a Pedrito) plus you can watch an excellent program here about Venezuelan news: Bayly.

    But the bottom line is we need a leader like Capriles who will commit to EDUCATE the people, so that they won't buy the CRAP monkeys like Chavez or Maduro, etc, come up with. So they make money, and get rid of such animals, as they have done in places like Colombia or Chile or Costa Rica: EDUCATION.

    1. Indios are bad, right? Are like thieves, primitive or the like?
      Blancos are good. Or is this again "oh, out of context", I didn't mean indios like that!
      How many "monos" are there in Venezuela?

      I don't know why you comment about Venezuela then, the Conquista is no more.
      We are living in the XXI century. Your attitude is as bad as that of Chavistas.
      I really hope you stay where you are forever.

  5. And i forgot to add, on more time, the vast majority of the Venezuelan upper class, or middle class, those of us somewhat educated or potentially influential got the hell outta there a long time ago. Those of us who could. Mostly because we feared for out lives and the children, Venezuela is as dangerous as Iraq or Afganistan, as you know, people don't even dare stop at a red light in Caracas' best neighborhoods at night, as el Cafetal, where I grew up. Not to mention dare go to a restaurant on foot, as we used to, in places like Chacaito.

    So if 80% of the educated elite left the country (you are one of the few refugees in san Felipe) what brain power do we have left? Anyone who could and had an opportunity is living here in Miami, Weston, or Madrid. So most of what we have left, with few exceptions, are corrupt, uneducated thugs, and the poor, clueless people. No wonder there hasn't been any progress, except for corruption and crime in 15 years.

    I might get back to my country in another 15 years, if we are fortunate enough.

  6. I think he smile was because he realised he had put his foot in it, big time. He can now say he was joking or some similar pathetic excuse.

  7. Island Canuck3:54 PM

    I'm currently travelling however keeping track of things with Twitter.

    Looks like today's announcements by the AN deputies at noon may be an historic day for Venezuela if the Tweets from Capriles come true.

    Fingers are crossed.

  8. margareth10:27 PM

    And Maduro, will he sleep next to Cilia tonight? jajajaja

  9. 1979 Boat People10:41 PM


    NYT must investigate biased reporting on Venezuela, Honduras

    1. Boludo Tejano1:49 AM

      From Boat People's link:
      The open letter printed below, which was sent to the New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan was signed by more than a dozen experts on Latin America and the media.Signatories to the letter, released on May 14, signatories included academic Noam Chomsky,filmmaker Oliver Stone, Venezuela Analysis founder Gregory Wilpert and several other experts

      "Experts" like Chomsky, Oliver Stone, and Gregory Wilpert? These clowns are telling the NYT to investigate "biased" reporting? Gag me with a spoon!
      Speaking of Oliver Stone, here is a good take-down of his book and TV series, The Untold History of the United States: Cherry-Picking Our History.

  10. Boludo Tejano4:22 AM

    FYI, just in at The New Yorker: Venezuela, Black and Blue, by Boris Munoz. He talks with both sides. Chavismo:

    I met with Evans on May 10th in the offices of Noticias24, on the twelfth floor of an office block in Chacao, the city’s financial center. He comes from the ideological sector of Chavismo that nested in the academic left, and he had been a loyal advocate of the government’s policies until Maduro started his campaign. Evans told me he believes Chavez’s leadership style had created an attitude of unconditional support in his followers that didn’t promote self-criticism and has hampered Chavismo’s political renovation. “In the most powerful sector of the party’s leadership, Stalinism is the fastest way to resolve any differences. This totally contradicts the red book of the Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela, which proposes socialism through participatory democracy. The current leaders are outdated.”

    Julio Borges:

    Julio Borges has a radically different point of view. “As Diosdado Cabello says—and you have to take him seriously—Chávez was the brake on all the crazy ideas that occurred to his cohorts. Now nobody knows who’s in charge of the economy or the military. Maduro can’t manage all this, and that’s the reason for the reactions we see—violence and repression.”

    Yes, his beating is discussed.

    Read it.

  11. pi3141611:15 AM

    "we truly must wonder why in hell Chavez named him his heir."

    So that everybody would miss El Comandante. If El Comandante had named anybody competent, pretty soon things would have looked mighty better and El Comandante like the bungling imbecile than he was.

    Hence the dire need for an absolute imbecile.


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