Monday, July 29, 2013

The IAEPHC is born. We may finally start understanding something of the twisted mind of Chavez

Hefty, hefty.....
In the "you cannot make up such shit" section, today Maduro signed the decree to open the Instituto de Altos Estudios del Pensamiento de Hugo Chávez, or for you Spanish speaking impaired people, The Institute for Higher Studies of the Thoughts of Hugo Chavez. And no one else but his older brother could be fit enough to direct it.

Let's start by saying that the work is going to be epic. Not because Hugo Chavez left a body of work worth analyzing but because he did not leave anything written except for a few newspaper columns and some letters. What Chavez is leaving are hours and hours and yet more hours of rants. Though "rant" is not a good description of Chavez speeches, the French "déblatérer" would be better, describing abundant and violent speech against something. But I digress.

Yet, the thousand of hours of Chavez speeches are not necessarily the main hurdle for the august work of such a novel institute. First, the profound thinkers that are to study Chavez opus will have to sift through insults, vulgarity and parables to find some substance. And yet, it is not going to be all. Across his entire career Chavez has contradicted himself constantly though admittedly after 2006 he took a more steady course towards a communist approach more in accordance with the way he gave up the country to the Cuban overlords.

And last but not least, it is important to note that Chavez's personal lifestyle, as well as the one of his family, most of the time did not agree with his official positions. So, where is the real Hugo Chavez?

IAEPHC poster bimbo?
I do not know who is going to be working in the IAEPHC. Candidates are numerous, and the battle is going to be harsh because Venezuela does not have grant money for hangers on as it used to do.  Not to mention that if Chavez had no problem financing sycophants, Maduro and and Cabello are probably going to be more tightfisted about financing people that, after all, are not going to directly praise them.  Still, we can be quite certain that the likes of Monedero, Ramonet and Harnecker are going to position themselves as fast as possible to get at least a few talking fees coming their way.

Still, let's be optimistic and hope that such an advanced institute may finally shine some light on the tortuous and vile mind of Chavez.

And you thought we could not go any lower.....


  1. Hahahaha!
    (for your interpretation, Daniel!)

  2. Anonymous6:45 AM

    How long until this:

    I give it two years, three tops.

    1. Nonsense! You could never get that many Venezuelans to march together so well.

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    High Studies indeed. They're going to need all the Sinsemilla Bud they can get their hands on...........

    Anon 242

  4. brilliant...I will borrow and link!

  5. Charly2:05 PM

    On the subject of the defunct, here is a piece of priceless brown nosing.

  6. LOL !!

    and the Slogan of this Institute could be:

    'Mas enredado que un Kilo de estopa'

    but the main lesson to learn from Chavez's " thoughts" in my opinion would be to obtain total clarity concerning the below :

    'Donde tigre pone baile, burro no saca pareja'


  7. Im sure LaAm Studies Departments can't wait! Universities with large research libraies have every document and letter connected with Simon Bolivar and other historical people. Having all of Chavez's will be the basis for the study of mismanagement and corruption for years to come.

  8. Ronaldo4:25 PM

    Hopefully all the secret documents and government budgets will become available to scholars and the public to reveal his thoughts on management theft.

    Chavez thoughts on corruption will be summarized in two words-- What corruption?

    Chavez personal finances will be revealed to be the greatest success of 21st Century Socialism.

    Chavez famous statement that he will be president of Venezuela for the rest of his life will become evidence of his great mental foresight.

    Under the department of Hatred of the U.S. the institute will likely have sub-departments for Cuba relations, and for each of the other tyrants Chavez befriended or bought.

    Chavez final thought when he realizes that Cuban medicine is not working-- Oh $hit.

  9. feathers10:09 PM

    Alas, hope that within that mamotreto they have the Arturo Uslar section (about Chavez and in general). What an horror to see the degenerative process of Venezuela (moral, ethical, philosophical, ideological, and more) in such warp speed, so fast.

  10. Boludo Tejano4:14 AM

    Say what you will about Chavez, most of us could not keep a monologue going for six hours the way he could- which is something he had in common with his mentor Fidel.

    I pity the poor grad student who has to read every word of the volumes of "Complete Cadenas of Hugo Chavez."


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