Monday, September 30, 2013

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Chavez ghost spoketh? Spooketh?
A little bit away of things I find out that this week end excitement has been a recording from Chavez still alive, or speaking from the nether world, or a fake, or something. To be fair I use an Argentinean link, INFOBAE, to report on the news (?) and the sound track.  Least I am accused to be a supporter @jjrendon who probably saw his Twitter numbers improve this weekend as the regime in full force attacked him on that voice over.

And idiotic tweets chavismo threw at him by the way. I am pointing below one of the least offensive ones, from my home state governor, just for example.
There are no limits the disrespect and the miserable positions of the corrupt right, immoral and antifatherland (translation?) ¨[note: the tweet is even more ill written in Spanish as in English, and he still had a few characters left to improve it]
If you want barrack's crudeness read those of @dcabellor widely retweeted by my illustrious governor.

I am not too sure what to make of this and I doubt very much that it will help our side. Actually, I would not be surprised at all if chavismo were at the origin of that fake where Chavez pretends to be alive and kidnapped, National Enquirer front pages value! After all we only have Maduro's word for the attribution to JJ Rendon of this farce, and in a few months we have established quite well that Maduro's word is worth way less than what little value Chavez word had......
A wave of disapproval against the right that offended the feeling of "el pueblo", with the publication of a fake against Chavez #JJRendonillborn. [observe how the president of the republic lowers himself to gutter insult with the "mal nacido", ill born, born of a whore, or something like that]
Anyway, Rendon, an international political consultant that is forced to live outside of Venezuela, has been squarely placed in chavismo imaginary, allowing for a few hours a different discussion than food scarcity, drug shipments, failure of the Chinese loan, etc,. When a regime reaches such nincompoopy conspiracy theories you know they are nervous. No? If anything, putting up that fake (I truly hope it is a fake but with a country under the rule of Cuban santeros who can be 100% sure?) reminds us how hysterically based chavismo is.

PS: you would be surprised at how many images of the ghost of Chavez appear if you Google "Chavez fantasma".


  1. Charly7:55 AM

    I knew it all along, Chavez was kidnapped by the same aliens who abducted Elvis. My God, what is the world coming to? Who will be the next one?

  2. Anonymous10:52 AM

    It would be really funny if Chavistas used this to overthrow Maduro, then tried to pretend Chavez was still alive by playing us only recordings of his voice, claiming the president can't appear before cameras for one reason or another.

  3. Island Canuck1:50 PM

    Was thinking the same thing.

    If no one is left in Chavismo that can rule the country with any level of support then resurrect Chavez himself.

    Sounds extreme but these days I would believe that they will try anything to stay in power.

    The guillotine is falling & they only have a short time left.

  4. Anonymous2:00 PM

    I knew they should have beheaded and wooden staked him. Does no one learn anything from the movies? :)


  5. This post reminded me that about 3 years ago ago i dreamed of Chavez's death and of his ghost.Certain kinds of memories are also like ghosts.They pervade, they haunt, and they frighten.When i awoke i jotted down an evocative poem based on the images from the dream. Images are always powerful to influence people on an unconscious level which is why a country that is full of his memory will be a ghost/wasteland for a longtime to come.When i saw this post i went searching for my poem, and found it...

    ghost of Chavez

    you can go out some early morning
    to the ridge at the edge of dawn
    there the embers will still smolder
    though they burned all the night long
    and his Ghost will dance in silhouette
    like streaks against the sky
    as if the streaming ground itself
    reached fingers up on high,
    And blackened rakes of crows
    they fly,
    from forests after fire
    in blinding pain they disappear
    into Mountains made of
    Carbon shapes ,
    jagge`d, black and steep

    The color of Chavez's Venezuela for me is black, and its blackness covers the mountains and the valleys of Caracas, replacing the rose colored light that once descended upon it in another life time. Un crimen horrendo, even the birds cry out in pain....firepigette,

  6. I actually worked in text-to-speech for some time. There is enough material (i.e. recordings) of Chávez to produce a tts system that would generate audio files with his voice in such a way that 90% of the sentences could fool his mother.
    But I don't think Chavistas could get the technology without a leak from someone.
    You can check out some samples at Nuance's site.
    A good imitator could do the trick. As these are audio files, not live broadcasts, the risk is low.
    But then it could be Chávez's ghost, right? :-)

  7. Anonymous3:47 PM

    I think the only real "ghost" period was after he passed in December (still my theory) until he was officially proclaimed dead. Nothing here surprises me anymore, but what would the incentive be to finally anounce him dead (especially if he wasn't) only to risk everything with the April election to replace with this imbecile? Sounds like an internal setup to me, but there has been such a wicked web of lies spun over the last year that it is difficult to see who may be the spinster.

  8. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Chavez resuscitation was planned-

  9. Anonymous4:13 PM

    First Maduro claims that Chavez is now a little bird and that they talked. Now he says that the recording is a fake. Which one is it? Make up your mind Maduro.

  10. Anonymous10:17 PM

    This speaks more to the red herring school of our incompetent government than anything else.

    They are incompetent for most things except this type of distraction.

    If only they spent more time trying to do things right..............................

    Anon 242

  11. great synopsis, Daniel. In true symbiotic fashion, jj rendon has been culling attention for weeks now, as the government uses him as a scapegoat in this latest incident, not the first time. Is jj rendon trolling the government? Not sure. His call for attention has annoyed me, evidently too, Esteban Gervasi (yesterday's tweets) who noted the lack of trust, when political advisors are more visible than their clients....Rendon could also be redirecting the flack away from Capriles. Time will tell what this strategy will reveal.

  12. For those that read me. here's my post:

    1. Interesting post Bruni.

      Listening to the audio,I found the voice to be similar to Chavez's but I can also hear differences.I would like to hear what others think.


  13. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Chavez is alive and well and living in Argentina.

  14. Hi you all! I´m also alive :D
    I think the audio is real, but from last year... and he´s just talking about all the lies at THAT TIME.
    I firmly believe that the man was killed by the cubans, due to malpractice though.

  15. Anonymous3:35 AM

    "Venezuela exported 728,000 barrels of oil to the United States [in July 2013]"
    Why doesn't the USA just ban VZ oil?
    How much would my USA petrol prices rise?
    Not much would be my bet.

    1. Anonymous4:57 PM

      The US don't care about Venezuela right now. They buy their oil and sell gasoline. Gooood business. The US was never good in long-term foreign policy, Afghanistan, Irak, Lybia, Egypt etc.


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