Thursday, September 26, 2013

Maduro: you stole my coke? I get a free Airbus from you!

Always in the shop.....
After writing my post this afternoon on chavismo divisions events precipitated a little and I am back at the key board. The question to resolve tonight is why did Maduro not attend the UN general assembly? This is not an idle question because a few days ago the man made a temper tantrum as to the US allegedly not allowing him to fly over Puerto Rico, or denying visas to his entourage, things proven wrong since.

The official version came in tonight in a cadena where Maduro surprised us with two things. First, he did not go to the UN because "they" were preparing offenses against him (that he will reveal when convenient). They being Otto Reich, Roger Noriega and Luis Posada Carriles, two passé out of jobs US operators and a near dead anti Castro warrior, none of them, if you ask me, able to do much against Maduro while in New York. The best way to establish that is that the new Iranian president had no problem going around town to make his speech today and he is a way bigger threat to the Western World than Maduro is. Then again that he is not taken as a threat may be what truly obfuscated Maduro.....

The other thing is that surprisingly he decided to explain why he was not travelling on the presidential Airbus, a plane that we see flying less and less. Capriles had asked about that, why Maduro flew in a Cuban plane instead of the presidential one, and Diosdado Cabello replied vulgarly as is his habit that it was none of his damn business. So we must be surprised that Maduro went back on that! Apparently Maduro discovered himself that there was a major flaw in the plane and he has decided to sue Airbus, basically implying that the corporation should be included in the "they" above.

You can imagine the flurry in the news and twitter.....

Let's see if I can come up with my choice of more likely speculations. Keep in mind that the Cuban G2 has taught the regime the technique of flying rumors, false truths, real lies and the like to confuse the adversary.

For the Airbus law suit I am almost tempted to see it as a tit for tat for the drug seized by Paris customs a week ago from the Caracas Air France flight. After all the street value is roughly comparable to a brand new Airbus and maybe Maduro had a stake in that shipment. Him or his associates, same difference. It is simply very unlikely that while an alleged refurbishing Airbus would have made such a crass mistake and even more unlikely that Maduro had an intuition on the technical aspects of the plane since he cannot even produce in public his birth certificate. I really cannot see any other explanation but a desire by Maduro to get back at president Hollande for wanting to bomb Assad in Syria and stealing his drug shipment.....

As for the sped up return from china, bypassing New York. Two possibilities, your pick.

First, the Cubans did not want Maduro to risk making a fool of himself in the UN. His defense of Assad and his own local crisis takes away any credibility he may have there and since he is prone to idiotic gaffes... Raul decided to send him on and mind the shop as things do not look good at all for the Cuban colony.

The other explanation is that taking advantage of Maduro's travel, some inner chavista factions started making some suspicious moves. You have everything there, from military upset that Maduro is a Colombian and wanting to make a coup to his rival Cabello trying to regain some of his lost ground. I personally do not think that a coup was planned, too crass, too cartoonish even for chavismo. But that some tried to take advantage of Maduro being away to shake a few things is not to be discarded. For example, they could have presented Maduro with a fait accompli of some economic decision that he was unwilling to take, or change some mayoral candidates, or....  Whatever it was, the sudden return of Maduro can only mean that he had a need to come back in a hurry for some major problem brewing.



  1. interesting...even from away here in Florida, I was thinking similar... why he didn't show at the UN summit, especially after all the broo haha of the US not giving him airspace, etc. and the plane being idled, is really wierd.. I agree with you, there is a snake under the blanket, let's see where this all goes.. It will be an interesting few weeks ahead...

  2. As far as I know, Posada Carriles is a terrorist and a murderer. "Castro warrior" won't cut, even if he opposes Castro. The enemy of one's enemy should not be one's friend just like that. Ethics is important.

    1. Like fine wine your sense of humor and irony improves with time.

    2. And, of course, you define yourself as the master of humour and irony finesse.

    3. Your sense of repartee leaves me in awe.

    4. Anonymous5:43 PM

      Daniel, Posada Carriles has a lot of innocent civilian blood on his hands. Oh, the timer malfunctioned killing everyone onboard but it was not his intention blow up the aircraft in the air full of people... whatever. He did it. He also has what Italian blood on his hands from the Cuba bomb he was responsible for. Then there is what we don't know, how many where tortured and killed by him and his compadres at Disip? I bet quite a few.

    5. Anonymous

      Maybe your words would carry some weight had we read from you some stern criticism of the Castro regime. Since you cannot be bothered with the courtesy of a handle we will never know.

      This being said my reply to Kepler was that his occasional silly PCness kills any sense of irony. On the other hand I have often read from him condemnation of ruthless dictators from left or right. So I never doubted his core intention though I objected his form. What is your excuse? Because for all what I know know a chavista supporter would have written this comment pretty much the same, silly DISIP comment included. As if the security apparatus of Chavez was not equally brutal and inhumane.

  3. Anonymous12:51 PM

    What are the chances that Posada Carriles will sneak out of Miami, unnoticed by the US security agencies, check into a hotel in New York (again surreptitiously), go to the UN general assembly and take a pot shot at Maduro? Have you seen The Interpreter with Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn? Surely Mr Penn wouldn't let anything happen to Maduro.

    1. According to chavismo Posada runs from jail a powerful terrorist network. They should know, they have plenty of "pranes" in Venezuelan jails running by racketeering operations and hired to kill opportunities.

  4. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I believe your first explaination for his avoidance of the U.N. was correct in that the cubans know that the best way to protect their puppet is to keep his strings tight and don't let him speak in public. It is better to remain quiet and let someone think you are a fool than to open your mouth and prove it. The other theories could be also true, but you know it would have been risky to let maduro try to explain how 1.3 tons of coke flew commercial out of his cuban operated international airport...among other hot topics.


  5. Island Canuck1:56 PM

    I was talking with friends the other day about all the word flubs he's made lately.

    We are all convinced that it's being caused by either drug usage (marijuana?) or drinking.
    If the Cubans know this that could be another reason to prevent him from speaking to a world audience,
    No way of knowing what might tumble out of his mouth.

    1. Island,

      As a basically introverted person who is very straight, albeit nonconforming, while gently arriving at a ripe old age, I am discovering the extent to which this might be true.

      It is strange for me to discover the amount of people who spend their time in an altered state of Consciousness ( and here I am not referring to a state above the level of average, but rather to one of the States below it) ....close to sleep:)

      Of course word gaffes can also mean other things as well.Sometimes when people are shy,they have a hard time focusing in public, BUT knowing whether or not a person is shy is hard without being close to that person.Being introverted or extroverted is not always an indication.


    2. Anonymous6:03 PM

      Now you are pegging Maduro as an alcoholic or drug user. You don't even know what he's on, but he's on something because you know better. This is not a winning argument. Personally, I doubt his vices if any, are interfering with his work. Winston Churchill or JFK (too many to list) and both performed just fine.

      steroids and amphetamine injections that were administered to the first lady and the president by a man nicknamed Dr. Feelgood:

      “Max Jacobson, known as Dr. Feelgood, administered high-dosage amphetamine shots laced with steroids to the president on a regular basis. In fact, he would do multiple duty injecting the president, first lady, and members of their inner circle at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

      The book states that others started to worry that the injections might interfere with medications JFK was taking for medical problems.

      “Even Gore Vidal, who had been a patient of Jacobson’s, was ‘horrified’ to learn he was treating Jack. ‘Watch out,’ he warned Jackie. ‘Stay away from him. I know him well. Max drove several people mad.’"

      The excerpt continues, "Chuck Spalding, the man who introduced Max to the Kennedys, was also having second thoughts. At one point, Jacobson’s bizarre behavior and his own dependence on the injections made Spalding ‘very frightened. ... The whole thing had gotten so completely out of hand.’"

      "It didn’t matter to the president. ‘I don’t care if there’s panther p--- in there,’ JFK said, ‘as long as it makes me feel good.’”

  6. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Why is Maduro using a Cuban airplane rather than the official Bolivarian Airbus?
    Here is a photo- Also known as Venezuela 0001, as if Chavez was ready to add over 1,000 airplanes to Venezuela's air force.

    1. Would you fly in a jet maintained by a socialist government that destroys everything it touches? Think of the Amuay refinery explosion or numerous bridges collapsing.
    2. Chavez kids or Maduro's wife needed the Airbus to go shopping.
    3. Cuba can mind control Maduro better with him in a Cuban airplane.
    4. The cocaine dust in the Airbus was getting everyone high.
    5. Cubans can get their plane refueled for free in Caracas.

    1. Anonymous6:10 PM

      because the airbus has major structural damage they are not clear about. The regime wants Airbus to fix this for free? It seems that they hard-landed and this is not covered by any warranty. The regime probably wants Airbus to repair for a discount but the repair may not be feasible or too costly meaning worth more than the aircraft.

  7. Anonymous7:32 PM

    And exactly where is the golden-fauceted presidential Airbus?


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