Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Before the day after

Sorry, I have no creativity tonight for a title. Tomorrow Lopez may or may not be arraigned, meanwhile he is spending this night in jail.  Someone released a video he made before being arrested, just in case he would indeed be arrested. I suppose he thought that the regime would realize the mistake it was about to make. So, he gives instructions as to how carry on the fight under a dictatorship that has sequestered all media: we all must become a media.

Details about his arrest are becoming clearer. There is this compilation of shorts from El Nacional.

Así se entregó Leopoldo López #18F por elnacionalweb

There was his wife on CNN tonight explaining that indeed Cabello went to the tribunals with Lopez because there was allegedly a threat to assassinate him. She did not want to go into details so I am still assuming that it was a play inside chavismo to collect brownie points by Cabello. From whom? Really, who could want to kill Lopez today unless there were chavista or Cubans?

There was terror today in the attendance and that picture reflects it in the face of all, Lopez, Machado, the guy helping them behind...  Truly the crowd was raging mad and the Guards seemed to have no control, amen of their hidden agenda.  Yet, they soldiered.

And there is that one that some thing is a selfie.  The ravaged face of Lopez betrays the emotions of what will be the defining day of his political career. The immense responsibility to the immense crowd that accompanied him.

And there is the clear and concise words from Human Rights Watch:

“The arrest of Leopoldo Lopez is an egregious violation of one of the most basic principles of due process, which is that you can’t jail someone without evidence linking them to a crime. The Venezuelan authorities so far haven’t provided any serious evidence, just insults and conspiracy theories. The only probable cause here seems to be the fact that Lopez is a political opponent of the president--but unfortunately, in a country without an independent judiciary, this may be enough. The international community should demand Lopez’s immediate and unconditional release.”

More to come, enough for today.

PS: so that your funk is not too bad, I am giving you one fabulous picture that will be a main picture for Lopez presidential electoral campaign.


  1. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Your comments and description are impeccable! On a parallel course is the Ukraine. I’m too old to paste the links and references to support this, but. This is what is in the future of Venezuela. After 31 years in Venezuela I don’t know if “El Pueblo” is up to this type of confrontation. If the momentum of the moment is lost, everything in the last few days will have to be repeated. I am not a stranger to bloodshed for freedom and am ready to assist. God love the Venezuelans!
    Gringo Loco

  2. Excellent post Daniel.
    I am now teaching science in a small rural school in the southwest USA. My students had never heard of Venezuela before, but now they are taking notice of the unfolding events. I miss Venezuela terribly and my wife is distraught over the situation and her family there. Thanks for your blogging!

  3. Keep up the good work, Daniel. After this is over you may want to look into a job as a journalist. You would be a damn good one.

  4. Anonymous10:02 AM

    And Sean Penn? Oliver Stone? Danny Glover? Where are you guys?

  5. Anonymous1:03 PM

  6. Anonymous1:06 PM

    The globe and mail article is pretty decent.

    It seems like the poor needs to realize that all will not be lost if they turn their backs to chavismo. People are choosing garbage because they are afraid of losing social assistance.

  7. Venezuela: Shunned by the Left?

    Just like so many other leftist heroes when this one turned sour they just quietly walk away without admitting their mistake.

    1. Boludo Tejano6:17 PM

      An alternative explanation to the lack of lefty coverage on Venezuela is that the lefties are giving the events in Venezuela as much coverage as the Fascist regime wants: crickets.

      From the article: I thought there were only three media venues which did really serious and sustained coverage of Venezuela – which wasn’t quite fair, because I should have said four. I mentioned Venezuela Analysis, Green Left Weekly, and Z, and I should have included Center for Economic Policy Research (for Weisbrot’s excellent efforts)

      Whitebread's "excellent efforts"?

    2. He earns his money every morning he looks in the mirror.

  8. Yes,
    Me too everybody....thanks Daniel.I am using your blog as a basis for truth in order to get the information out to all my US and European friends and is immensely helpful since the blackout of news, it is hard to know who to trust....and I do trust your honesty on these matters.

    Many people have shared what I have shared little by little, every little bit helps.


  9. Are there actual charges against Lopez? Is he entitled to an arraignment, a preliminary hearing, to bail, a lawyer? My fear is that, as has happened with so many other dictatorial regimes, Sr. Lopez will be "found" dead in his cell. I think the chavistas are not above such a despicable crime.

  10. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Ojala en mi país hubiera gente tan valiente como Lopez. Todos deberíamos de tener la valentía civil para exigir y oponernos a élites y/o regímenes políticos. Esta es una muestra de alguien comprometido y congruente con lo que piensa.

  11. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Its about time:
    Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen says lawmakers are talking about the possibility of sanctions against the Venezuelan government.
    "It's time we get the U.S. off Venezuelan oil," Ros-Lehtinen said.


    1. Let's hope Hans!


    2. Near zero chance of sanctions, IRL is waving the Cuba flag for the few remaining believers in sanctions. For her of course it's a family thing.

  12. Anonymous5:39 PM

    un cubano dicidente afirmo "A VENEZUELA NO LA SALVA NADIE" esto es lo mas cierto que pude oir (en politica) en mucho tiempo. A Venezuela NO la salva nadie. el CASTRISMO esta tan metido en este pais que si cae este gobierno cae todo un pais (Cuba) Cuba le va a declrar la guerra al pueblo Venezolano.


  13. Island Canuck6:32 PM

    I've been busy all morning so haven't had time until now to read Twitter or the news.

    Here are the latest tidbits:
    Médicos confirman que murió Génesis Carmona Miss Turismo Carabobo 2013

    Policías y GNB arremetieron contra el padre Palmar

    Globovisión ‏@globovision 14m
    #EnVideo Hieren al padre José Palmar durante protestas en el Zulia

    DolarToday ‏@DolarToday 10m
    ASESINADA POR BANDAS CHAVISTAS: Falleció Miss Turismo 2013

    El Nacional ‏@ElNacionalWeb 14m View translation
    Génesis Carmona falleció por herida en la cabeza ayer en protestas en Valencia. Tenia 22 años y fue Miss Turismo 2013

    Jaua alertó a embajadores de la Celac sobre injerencia de EEUU en Venezuela

    Just the few I found in the last few minutes

  14. Anonymous6:54 PM

    First it was Spear and now Carmona. The world needs to open it's eyes to what this govt it doing to it's people. Not only is there no security, but now if you protest, you stand a good chance of being shot in the back of your head. Very sad to see the abuse this govt is inflecting on it's people and they claim to be a Democratic govt.


  15. Anonymous9:48 PM

    The list of richest Presidents, with Hugo Chaves with 1 Billion dollars and Fidel Castro with $900 Millions.
    It is a disgrace for the Venezuelan people.

    1. Anonymous11:39 PM

      Hugo was never in it for money, nor Fidel. Obviously they live/lived in splendor but it was all about power, ego, control, and megalomania.

    2. Anonymous5:36 PM

      It was Hugo's family that got especially rich-estimated at over 4 billion dollars worth.

  16. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Phenomenal photo, Daniel.
    From the other side of the world, there is Ukraine. It would seem the entire world is in an upheaval.

  17. Anonymous1:33 AM

    Anonymous4:18 PM and you are naive if you think they weren't in it for the money too!! They didn't/don't just live well, but obscenely well, along with all their relatives and other hangers on!

  18. Anonymous2:08 AM

    Are you all watching the crap Maduro is saying on TV? What a bunch of bull****! History is a funny thing, it likes to repeat itself and this guy and govt are going to fall and fall hard. Venezuelans need to answer the call and push these guys out!


  19. Anonymous2:30 AM

    I'm not in Venezuela but feeling a bit down today.

    I am disgusted with the fact that the US will complain but not enforce any embargos. I am questioning the UN and any Human Rights organization as they have and will do absolutely nothing.

    The videos and reports that I am seeing are absolutely disgusting (they bring tears to my eyes). I simply cannot understand how evil like this can even exist.

    What LL did yesterday was quite moving, but I am questioning if it was the right choice. We have nothing but silence from Capriles. I feel as though the Captain has jumped off the ship. I just hope that he can get back on or his people can continue without him.

    There is no way that Venezuelans can let this end here. Not like this.

    Daniel, thank you for everything that you do.

  20. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Terrible the police and armed thugs currently at Plaza Altamira (9:51 pm local time), are storming buildings and robbing motorcyclesat gunpoint, follow @milmanrique @fmonroy


  21. Yes , Altamira is very bad at this time. I sent Daniel pics and videos to help tell our story to the world. Repression is at an all time high in Venezuela. I fear many will die before it is over

  22. Triste lo que pasa en Venezuela me gustaría que le hecharan un ojo amo blog y toda mi buena vibra para queVenezuela despierte ya de esa pesadilla


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