Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No rest for the wicked inflationers

Not going back on the delays and manipulation of the November and December inflation number but the regime published the January one. It is 3.3%. Most countries have annual inflation below that monthly number. But that was not really the worse news, if you assume that 3.3 to be genuine. The worst item was the scarcity item, at 28%. That means that if you go to your local grocery store with a list of 10 items the odds that 3 of them will be missing are very high. And missing not in brand or quality, just missing. I know, I was caught almost in the mid of a food riot this afternoon when Brazilian chicken arrived at my local store, and it was taken over by people not from the area (I heard them, one even giving directions to the store) carrying ONLY cases of chicken in their carts, waiting for their pals to arrive before they reached the cashier (4 chicken per person it was). Good thing I do not eat chicken, and even less the Brazilian variety we get here, waterlogged and fat.

Think about that, 3 common household items out of 10 in your shopping list are going to be missing on any day. And maybe having to fight for the other 7.


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    What did they expect anyway. Price controls will increase scarcity and aren't effective way to keep inflation down for more than a week or two. 2014 will be worse than 2013 in both inflation and scarcity, and we'll see about 2015. If Chavizmo doesn't implode, it will be worse still.

  2. Island Canuck12:52 PM

    It's not only the items they count as missing but the dozens of others that I'm sure don't make any list.
    Lipton's black tea, apples, Crest toothpoaste (although Colgate appears), 100% orange juice, bacon. etc., etc.

    This new price & profits law is just another knee jerk reaction to a problem they have created which will only make things worse. It does, however, buy them a few more days of excuses with the cult followers.

    I have bad feelings about the marches & meetings today. Hopefully they will use their heads & just ignore them but that seems unlikely with Tupamaros shooting at students yesterday in Merida.

    1. 100% OJ disappeared because the government pretended to make it cost the same as the sugary dilution at 60 (or 40?) % that after a few years people amazingly got used to it and call it orange juice.

      Another tale from the crypt......

    2. As for the marches, I am on the road today. I will get the body count tonight....

  3. Island Canuck6:22 PM

    As I understand it the 100% was made from imported concentrate because the majority of Venezuelan oranges are too bitter to make juice without adding sugar or sweetener.
    AND they made them sell it at the same price as diluted naranjada which was 60% OJ with water & sugar. Now even that has disappeared for the most part to be replaced with coloured sugar water that has the "flavour" of naranjada but has no real OJ in it.

    Tang by any name &, of course, it's not price controlled becuase it's a new product.

  4. Island Canuck12:00 AM

    As I feared there are 2 students dead & 30 injured.

    There is also a Tupamaro dead in a reported confrontation with the police.

    That is not how Jesse Chacon & Diosdado are reporting it. They blame a facist bullet for his death.

    As there is now no realitic TV coverage who knows what the truth is.
    NTN24 from Colombia was reporting live but Conotel forced DirecTV and the other cable companies to remove it from it's channels.

    CNN Chile on DirecTV is reporting but they have no live feeds are just recirculating video from VTV & Globo.

    This is going to get a lot worse.

  5. This was all totally predictable and predicted.

  6. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Los comunistas siempre matan. Son hombre-lobos llevando trajes. Fidel enviara sus expertos ahora y las mentiras vendran numerosas.


    Daniel here are some images coming out of Venezuela. I can't believe some of these.


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