Thursday, December 03, 2015

Electoral paranoia (YV-8)

The regime is not helping its cause (albeit hopeless, but that is another story).

It refuses any, ANY criticism or mere suggestion. All are mere ploys serving the Empire of the North. That Cuban line is getting, well, tiresome. In recent days the foreign minister, the ineffable Delcy Rodriguez, has issued communiques against whatever she can write against. Her latest is against Spain, the UK and the European Union. While she does that she receives Rodriguez Zapatero (ex Spanish Prime Minister) and Torrijos, (ex Panama President), both of long tradition of deals with Chavez. Of course, those are invited by the Electoral Board CNE, and thus kosher. But we are waiting for the arrival of over half a dozen of ex-head of states of excellent democratic credentials. But those are not kosher and we are waiting with bated breath as to whether the regime will allow them to leave the airport. (1)

Meanwhile Maduro stung by the infamy criticism yesterday on his words against Ocariz, went ahead and repeated his attacks, visibly picked. For good measure he had the Petare chief of police arrested and quartered all of Petare police. This, of course, will not only make crime worse this week end but will allow for easier electoral fraud by the regime who cannot stand to lose once again in the popular sectors of Petare. Note: apparently the regime thinks that Petare opposition police was the cause of the violence against opposition candidate Pizarro. Go figure!

While he was at it this week end Maduro had no qualms in stating that Lorenzo Mendoza, CEO of Polar Group, paid a full stadium crowd to cheer him. That Maduro is unable to go in an open public space without being booed may have had negative effects on his mood.

And more but the reader gets the drift. I will just note that the public murder of an AD local pol in Guarico, a murder that made front pages around the world, was speedily solved by the regime, from acting arm to "intellectual" responsibilities for the crime. This would be nice if it were not for the exquisite power point details shown by the prosecution when hundreds and thousands of simpler cases have not found any resolution in Venezuela. In other words, nobody believes the inquiry results. CSI-Caracas it ain't.

No need to read tea leaves. The regime knows it is in trouble and it is trying last minute desperate measures, not even to regain votes, but to stop the hemorrhage of its supporters.
1) You may want to visit the Web page of the Foreign ministry, where you will be allowed to wonder if its purpose is to promote Venezuela overseas or if it is a mere electoral propaganda and insult machinery. Do not miss the page on Chavez alone, deified a la North Korean.

PD: looks like the opposition is finally receiving open support from the LGBT groups... This certainly will feed the regime's paranoia who for some absolutely inexplicable reason had significant gay support.

And then there is also this for the paranoia, a real "el pueblo" showing how to vote for the opposition candidate on her street vending cart.


  1. Ronaldo3:32 PM

    The government is no longer pretending that the Dec 6th election is legitimate. Maduro, Tibisi, et al have reached a point where they will openly cheat and then have the supreme court nullify any complaints. The pueblo be damned.

    This should signal the start of a general uprising against the government.

  2. Boludo Tejano10:01 PM

    You may want to visit the Web page of the Foreign ministry.

    When I saw this headline at the Foreign Ministry website,Unión inquebrantable del pueblo y las FF. AA. derrotó sabotaje de la derecha contra Pdvsa [Unbreakable Union of the People and the Armed Forces defeated right wing sabotage against PDVSA], I decided to click and investigate.

    I thought there was going to be some current or relatively current event to link to "right wing sabotage against PDVSA," such as a claim that RWS was responsible for a refinery fire. Which refinery fire, as there have been quite a few in the last two years. Well, any one you want to mention.

    Turns out that instead, they are talking about the 2002 strike:
    Un día como hoy pero hace 13 años, Venezuela rememoró el inicio del sabotaje petrolero contra su principal industria: Petróleos de Venezuela (pdvsa); acción criminal propiciada por la derecha nacional y agentes externos, que dejó cuantiosas pérdidas monetarias para el país.(I am too lazy to write out the translation.)

    By any rational measurement, PDVSA is in much worse condition today than it was before the strike 13 years ago. This would suggest a 13 year sabotage campaign, would it not? But who has controlled PDVSA during these 13 years- and who did not before December 2002 control PDVSA?


    Sabotage? No fui.

  3. All the measures Maduro is taking to manipulate the election are just smoke screen so that when he wins it the international community can say the election totals are correct just Maduro manipulated how people voted. Let's remember the real purpose of the electronic voting system is to take anyone who didn't vote and assign their vote to him. The international community has already been stupid enough to attribute that Maduro has been excellent at getting his supporters out to vote. Bullshit, the total votes are near the legal number of people allowed to vote and let's face it 20 million poor people don't go out to vote. They are lazy and most care less about politics since Chavez death.

  4. Can't wait to see the final, late-evening Smartmatic results. Dilma and Lula will be proud.
    The "parlamento party" is about to start. Circus and no harina pan, is better than no Circus at all.

    Lee Kwan Yew


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