Wednesday, December 02, 2015

A certifiable "revolution" (election YV-7)

The bolivarian farce is reaching true levels of madness. Not only Maduro is certifiable, but for his supporters to go along with his latest "boutades" is a sign of the general dysfunctionality of a large spectrum of the populace.

Yesterday Maduro scored big on the levels of arbitrary and vile cruelty. Campaigning in a district were the regime is losing bad (Petare) and where the regime is in trouble (Guarenas-Guatire) he resorted to an undeserved arrest and to a humiliating moral abuse.

Campaigning around Guarenas Maduro claimed that he saw a long line at a supermarket. He simply said that this was a conspiracy by management and demanded the manager to be arrested on the spot. He later bragged that the pour soul had indeed been arrested. And to make his threats clearer he ordered an investigation to the local Heinz branch and ordered the managers to be jailed in case there was anything out of normal. In short, Maduro yesterday made it clear that he decided who goes to jail and when. Period.

The second item is worse. Petare's mayor, Carlos Ocariz, happens to have a child sick with leukemia. Since the Venezuelan heath system is a mess (I know it first hand with all the trouble I have finding treatments for my S.O.), amen of the child having probably a difficult form of leukemia, Ocariz has had to travel often to the US to accompany his kid a treatment session at a time. He can do that because I understand his wife family has the means (or got a US insurance). The chavistas at Petare's council also know about that as Ocariz has taken the necessary dispositions to make sure things run when he leaves for a week or two.

That was not enough for Maduro who publicly accused Ocariz of being a parasite, among other things, and of spending his time vacationing in his Miami mansion. Ocariz replied with a very dignified letter that Maduro has not replied to, and even less apologized for his abuse.

The point I want to make is not on the actual facts resumed above. The point is that Maduro is not acting as a Venezuelan. In our political language what Maduro said on Ocariz yesterday is simply not done. It is beyond the pale. Even Chavez would not have stooped so low. This reeks of communist brain washing of the worst kind, the kind that in its extremes joins end with fascism. A kind that is only available in Castro's Cuba. And that is that.

The trouble here is that when a sitting president is reaching such actions (never mind his now frequent promises of not respecting an adverse electoral result) one must fear for election day Sunday and what comes next. Maduro is not a democrat, never was, always acted in consequence. The brain behind him neither is a democrat and I fear she is unable to understand the risks they are taking. After all Cilia Flores has always seen power as a means to get rich, proving his by her more than exaggerated nepotism. Like Maduro and his Cuban masters they think that retaining power is simply acceptable once a few have been shot dead.

Will chavismo follow the crazies that are on board with Maduro? This is another electoral parameter that we cannot assess.


  1. And yet there is people on here who actually believe the opposition will win majority in parliament. Not going to happen Maduro runs amuck and nothing is being done by it. Not going to change with this election.

  2. What many people often fail to notice, is that Maduro is just one vulgar thug. The "Tonto Util" at Cabello's and the corrupt Military's disposal. He's just the mustached stupid tip of the iceberg. But the "pandilla de criminales" (as Gustavo calls them quite appropriately), goes way beyond el masburro, and even his boss, the ugly wife cilia. The real THUGS behind the entire Chavista Kleptozuelan operation are everywhere, but expecially a few hundred of mega-thieves. We all know, or should know by now, who those rich, very rich criminals are. But I'm afraid nothing will be done, and they will all disappear into the "MUD", Chavista light, and bullshit their way until 2019, the real Presidential elections, if the battered, poor people left in Vzla get there in one piece.

  3. Oh, and next time, for those who read this blog in Vzla, next time you vote for a Chavez, a disguised piece-of-dirt uneducated criminal Thug, or when you join the 32 Ministerios in Vzla of LEECHES and hala-bolas, 4 million at least, well, que se chupen su propia mandarina in 2016 and 2018. It's only gonna get even worse. Sad to say for the very few, honest workers, reasonably educated Venezuelans left in the battle.

    1. Damn! I meant you do not vote for a freaking drop-out bus driver. Or a low class, little army dude like Chabestia. Next time, votre for a Harvard educated dude like Leopoldo, or you can always settle for Caprilito, and Jose Guerra, and their magnificent economic populist as crap little policies.. But hey, this is pissing against the wind, is it not..


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