Thursday, April 06, 2017

Week 1 of the dictatorship: protests are mounting in spite of brutal repression



Today the opposition is taken the streets again, and this time around there is national move for that. The regime replies in the only way it knows, unable to update its modus operandi. For example they blocked early all access to Caracas, and closed 16 subway stations for good measure. That way protest marchers will not be able to make it to Caracas or to the rallying points. That workers cannot do so is of no concern, even though Caracas will look like a dead city today.

But the regime is cornered so here anything is good to stop the opposition.

Unfortunately for health reasons [ingrown nail] I am unable to take to the streets for the 3 or 4 hours that it will require. No pictures of these unless some reader gets this post and sends me pictures. But covering marches extensively as we used to do us bloggers from Venezuela is not necessary anymore. Venezuela is now a solid twitter country where all relevant information goes through since there are no independent papers or media left. There are plenty or reliable accounts to follow in addition of mine (on the right). Or web pages updating all the time today like the one in TalCual posting Isntagram and Tweets.


Thus, since I cannot hit the streets today let me spend some time to bring folks up to date.

The regime denies that they perpetrated a coup. The foreign infamous minister, Delcy Eloina Rodriguez, had the chutzpah to go to the OAS yesterday to denounce the coup, showing police aggressed by the fascist extreme right marchers, and copiously insulting whoever looked at her weirdly. Of course, she was careful not to show any of the pictures resulting from police abuse to the protesters. So the OAS assembly politely waited until she finished, laughing at time, checking their wassap, facetime or facebook and who knows what. Once she spent out all of her bile, with almost no replies nor questions, well, she left and the order of session retook its course.

I mean, since it is so unpleasant for Venezuela to attend OAS meetings, since Venezuela's credibility is gone, why hasn't Venezuela left yet?


The protests are not only in Caracas, but in many state capitals, with the same local attempts at sabotage by the same fucked up military.  Pathetic, when they could use the opportunity to let them scream a lot, wait for Easter holiday and show the films of unobstructed marches as a proof of Venezuela's democracy.


It maybe time to remind folks why is the regime so stubborn these days, why it refuses to back down on the infamous high court, TSJ, ruling?

One reason is now obvious: they are out of money and there are major debt payments due. Under orders of Cuab (we understand though who knows what truly happens there) the regime his hell bent on paying the debts, avoid default, even if we must starve and die from lack of medications.

So one scheme was to sell a chunk of the potential major tar oil fields of the Orinoco belt to Rosnet, the Russian company who already holds a lien on CITGO.  The problem is that to go ahead with the sale the regime must pass by the National Assembly. Through the infamous ruling of two weeks ago, the regime decided that all oil matters were strictly of the executive branch, and for good measure there was article 4 that gave the right to the TSJ to legislate on anything it wanted. Or give that right to whoever it wanted, a.k.a. Maduro's cabinet.

It is to be noted that the ruling stands except for article 4. Thus at any moment the NA can send a letter to Rosnet to tell them that if they dare to sign the contract the NA will refuse to recognize it threatening to take over Rosnet "new" property without any compensation. In short, I doubt Rosnet will buy that without a more serious discussion. But the regime forges ahead hoping to convince the Russians that they will hold on indefinitely.

Hence the dramatic conflict where the opposition is trying to save more than democracy, it is trying to save the resources we will need to rebuild and the regime is so willing to sell for its own political survival.


At this hour the Caracas highway is totally blocked, and Caracas henceforth is blocked.

This was at 11:38


Just for the heck of it, today is the anniversary of the publication of the Little Price. How far from that we are.


The Altamira distributor is filling up! and there are more marches that have not made it yet like the one from Avenida Victoria currently in Libertador.


I am not saying it, an international journalist is saying it.


The march coming from Bello Monte


While I was lunch the march decided to switch direction and go to the office of the Ombudsman (Defensor del Pueblo) to ask him to either prosecute the TSJ or resign.

Sure enough the regime starts massive tear gas bombing.  No opposition march will go beyond Plaza Venezuela. They are way too scared.


It is turning ugly.


This was the flow back from Altamira towards the Ombudsman office


More fighting


It is remarkable that in spite of the copious bombings and violence, the people still hold the Francisco Fajardo highway.


I think this is the view since the top of the Melia hotel in El Recreo.


There is a panoramic of how the regime blocks the highway and how the rest of Caracas is dead.

And there is that:


  1. Anita9:05 PM

    INGROWN NAIL! You have got to be kidding me.

    Now that explains why it's been 17 years and counting.

    1. Sweet Anita

      Whoever the fuck you are, this blog has dozen of entries of marches that I personally covered. I can miss one. I have paid my dues long, long ago. What about you?

    2. Anonymous12:28 AM

      Quite a fitting response Daniel. For me personally i had a weird pain on the left buttock. But it is ok, i have plenty a picture of me attending pass rallies on my facebook feed. I have paid my dues long, long ago.

    3. I cannot believe that I have to reply again. A ingrown nail may impair your ability to walk significant distances, never mind running away from repression. But if you prefer to be one of these courageous anonymous pain in the butt...

      Clearly another jerk that has not read my blog.

  2. Where do you think this will lead ?

  3. This time, I don't think Daniel will censor me if I say " a dead .... is a good .... Please fill in to your liking, hints: Bernal, Aristobulo, Caberllo, Vladimir (there so many of those commy pigs, it is hard to add a familly name to Vladimir these days), etc.


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