Thursday, April 13, 2017

Week 2 of the dictatorship: assorted pelting

The sensation yesterday was Maduro in San Felix receiving egg on his face, literally. Though I doubt it was egg considering their price and the lack of food.  Make that rotten eggs and stones and dog shit as the more likely projectiles.

The video has gone viral and I am picking this tweet of it because it comes from a foreign correspondent to prove that within hours the world world knew. But not Venezuelans. I did not until late at night and actually got confused by official propaganda. Though I commented on my time line that the propaganda was rather heavy and weird last night. I can smell a rotten fish with such ease now....  But no matter the efforts of the regime (and apparently they even tried to block some internet pages) Twitter and Facebook will reveal everything. Sooner or later but all will be known. Note: it is not important for you to understand the shoots in the videos today, the scenes are self explanatory. Enjoy the atmosphere.

And while we talk about foreign correspondents two more were expelled today. This time form the CAPA agency. Could it be because they reported on the gas traffic at the Colombian border showing Venezuelan bank notes to illustrate corruption?  The military sure do not like to have photo-stones thrown at them, in particular when supposedly the border traffic with Colombia has been stopped in the offensive against "economic war".....

A much more worrisome pelting was done was done today in Caracas when the traditional Nazareno mass of good Wednesday, offered by the most senior member of the Church available, this time Cardinal Urosa was broken in by chavistas.

I would like to point out at around 20 seconds the hate distorted face a a few of these chavistas in the middle of a Church in the holiest week in Venezuela, in front of the biggest icon of them all, the purple dressed Jesus carrying his cross, El Nazareno..... Even an heathen like me would not dare to cross El Nazareno in Venezuela, at any time, under any circumstance.

Why such an un-necessary attack, such an ANTI Venezuelan attack? This, I have no doubt, comes from the play book of Castro's Cuba. Any icon, ANY, must be dealt with at some point. Yesterday we had the rehabilitation of Piar before Maduro got pelted. And yet Piar was sent to the execution squad by Bolivar. Am I the only one noticing that?  Are Cubans deciding that even the Bolivar cult must be tainted? It makes sense today with the scene at Santa Teresa.

Meanwhile we count 4 death in one week, dozens of injuries and arrestations and yet no lesser resolve from the opposition protests. In fact the heavy handed regime may actually reunite the opposition which is in great danger of division.

The angst of the regime is getting more difficult to hide. Now they do not even take basic elemental precautions.  A group of colectivos, the paramilitary assault forces of chavismo, were filmed leaving as if nothing a Nazional Guard facility. When supposedly these guards are supposed to disarm such groups. Instead they gave them shelter and maybe gas for their bikes.  Such a video is solid evidence for The Hague when the time comes.

And a few hours later we have this:

The defense minister giving a speech to motivate his repression guard. Does a government feeling confident displays such a show as this truly pathetic one?  Why is not Padrino at the front of his repression instead of doing such a parking lot display to improve morale?  I let you draw your own conclusions.

Every day the regime looks more and more cornered. And more and more dangerous.

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  1. It's not complicated: This Chavista thug, as many others, craves 2 things: money and power. And he's afraid of going to jail one day. As simple as that. Same as many others. They want more time to steal more money, and safely disappear. Comprende? To retire with an entire family in Europe or the Caribbean or Africa takes a few bolivars, comprende?


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