Thursday, April 20, 2017

Terror in Caracas

What we have experienced today in Caracas is terror. Even yours truly got gassed, not much but truly. But I am not the one who suffered the most, by far. So I will start this entry with pictures that show clearly the terror the regime deliberately forced upon us, at an enormous risk of lives lost. Four pictures to say it all.

This picture truly represents terror. On the right what are goons of the worst kind. On the left kids, teenagers 20 something, girls, hiding for dear life away from these goons, trying not to fall in the river. Look at the picture, look at the details!!!

Unfortunately some of them had to go down and wade through one of the most contaminated streams of the world, the rive Guaire that crosses Caracas, an open air sewer. I let you imagine the consequences...

How did that happen? The repression deliberately set a trap that could have caused hundreds of death.

The main highway through Caracas was taken by the march. That highway, Autopista Francisco Fajardo, AFF, splits at the level of Chacaito in an upper road West-East and a lower road East-West. Since the march was so huge (in a post later) the two decks were densely packed. Then the regime decided to strike. In the first picture you will see the upper deck and how packed it was. Had the wind gone East West, or had there being no breeze, the suffocation would have created a stampede and people would have been trampled upon, or maybe even jumped! I suppose the regime bet on the wind so that the smell would not be so bad to avoid a stampede. But the risk was enormous, ENORMOUS!

The next picture is the view West East where you can appreciate more what I just wrote. You can also see the amount of tear/pepper gas used and that the breeze was not that strong. You can also see that the lower deck battle was strong and that the crush forced people to jump into the sewer. The crossing shown above is further down river and not seen in this picture in particular, or at least it had not started yet as people may not have been aware yet of what was happening.

Now you understand better the terror in the first picture above.

All of these are worthy of Crime Against Humanity pursuits...

For the record, while I prepare the next post with my own personal experience of the day.

About ten minutes before the gassing started I was where the cell phone add was (white, black sash), at the end of the curve. That is where we decided to go back as it was becoming impossible to go further and people were already going back. Within minutes the police was bombing the area and and a few minutes after we had to take refuge in the street on the right in an eatery that shall remain nameless because they have already been in trouble.


  1. It's time to simply describe the colectivos as death squads.

  2. Now what? Will people keep marching? I don't really know now how far can this criminal government go...

    1. Anonymous9:22 AM

      Of course they will, as they always have.

  3. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Nice infrastructure development!

    1. Yep, all nice stuff in Venezuela done BEFORE Chavez.

  4. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Truly unbelievable!

  5. IslandCanuck1:17 PM

    They are calling for more marches today, April 20.
    They are not going to let up the pressure.
    In any normal country the government would step down and call for elections.

    But Venezuela is as about as far from normal as you can get - Siria maybe?

    1. Anonymous2:18 PM

      well, there are many dictators out there - almost 50! So, probably it would be the same in most of them :) so, is western democracy the normal? down with all dictators!

  6. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Isn't socialism wonderful? After all, it's for the people...

  7. Truly unbelievable and very frightening. March actually made this morning. No news here in Ecuador.

    Stay safe Daniel with you SO as best you can.

    Great photos and account the march!

  8. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Gloria al bravo pueblo
    que el yugo lanzó,
    la Ley respetando
    la virtud y honor

    ¡Abajo cadenas!
    Gritaba el señor;
    y el pobre en su choza
    libertad pidió.
    A este santo nombre
    tembló de pavor
    el vil egoísmo
    que otra vez triunfó.

    Gritemos con brío
    ¡Muera la opresión!
    Compatriotas fieles,
    la fuerza es la unión;
    y desde el empíreo,
    el Supremo Autor
    un sublime aliento
    al pueblo infundió.

    Unida con lazos
    que el cielo formó,
    la América toda
    existe en nación;
    y si el despotismo
    levanta la voz
    seguid el ejemplo
    que Caracas dio.

  9. And yet you're still a Socialist and supported Hillary Clinton, and then you call chavistas idiots. LOL.

    1. Reductio ad absurdum always make laugh. Thank you.

    2. The only absurd thing is a Venezuelan that's still a Socialist.

      Well actually there's another one, a gay man supporting a candidate that wants to import more Islamic extremists.

    3. Oh! And a homophobe to boot!

      Goes to tell you the variety of the Venezuelan opposition.

  10. Imnus you obviously havent followed Venezuela at all if you have came up with the conclusion that this is about socialism and can compare it to anything going on in the USA. Just ignorance.

    1. I'm Venezuelan, living in Venezuela you absolute retard.

  11. Que cagada. Pero lamentablemente mientras las fuerzas armadas sigan siendo leales al gobierno, lo veo dificil...alguien en el ejercito tiene que tener conciencia y hacer algo al respeto.


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