Sunday, July 02, 2017

From official terror to article 350 - 4) that hamletian moment

The opposition MUD is subjected to tremendous challenges, all coming from the fact that they need to face off a criminal narco-state without any help from the outside police.

Why the world is not acting on Venezuela knowing very well that it risks receiving a refugee wave of millions is the subject of another text. Never mind that if the regime manages to hold power at the cost of a dictatorial communist "constitution" and thousands of deaths this will set a bad precedent for regimes dreaming of such a perpetuation outcome, like Bolivia, the FARC in Colombia, Nicaragua, to name a few of the rogue systems in Latin America.  The fact of the matter is that the latest failure of the OAS to even come up with a mild declaration is the confession of a world that has lost the notions of good and evil, navel gazing, worried about how to sustain a welfare state that will reward them politically. Times have changed.

Unfortunately for the opposition the hope that the world will act after 3 full months of repression forces the MUD to keep their protest clean in that the gouvernement needs to come across as aggressor all the time. Because of the world cowardice the opposition has footed, so far, a much higher bill than the regime.

The violence of the regime has gone up one notch this week. Now it is not a death a day, it is more than one. Now the paramilitary colectivos are playing their deathly game in the open, even ferried around in state transport. It hardly can get anymore fascist/communist than that. And let's not talk about the deliberate humiliation of the prisoners, the exposed tortures, the illegal attribution of military courts against civilians.

This is already bad enough if the opposition would not have to also deal with enemies from inside. We have the crazies, often inspired from Miami, that want the MUD leadership to storm without weapons Miraflores Palace, or would put everyone to starve until the regime falls. We have those who want to find a way to "dialogue" with the regime even though the ungrateful regime blows up to their face. Ask Henri Falcon, governor of Lara, one fo the milder critics inside the opposition why Lara has become a horrible battlefield last week. As for Rosales, a choreographed outing once in a while is all we see from him while his underlings seem to be one of the main sources of blockade inside the decision processes of the MUD.

If these were not enough for the MUD, there is a new problem with the need to find a way to associate with the newly minted dissent of chavismo. There are enough of them now to not only create a problem for chavismo but also for the opposition.   Let's take the example of Luisa Ortega, the nation's general prosecutor of the nation.

Luisa Ortega has always been a leftist, always been a chavista. As such in 2014 she thought it was OK to jail and condemn on trumped charges Leopoldo Lopez. She could probably make her own case that the chavista new man had not risen yet and so it was OK to violate on the edges the constitution so as to ensure that the real legacy of Chavez would survive. But then, she realized that true legacy of Chavez was a corrupt narco-regime. The only way to salvage something from the Chavez ideals she shared was to defend the Constitution he wrote himself when those narco-thugs decided to rewrite it to their own needs.

What do we do with Luisa Ortega? Do we let her hang high and dry and let chavismo defenestrate her from her office? Or do we try to find an agreement with her where the price may be a transition government that will not be presided by the opposition?

Meanwhile as the opposition tries to put its house in order the cruelty of the regime increases, the death toll along and the cowardice of the world worsens.

But before we look at what the opposition will be obliged to do let's leave this entry with a note of hope: in spite of all that the regime has done, its mistakes (like in Lara and Aragua this week) seem to strengthen the resolve of the opposition, its unity. Now, what can the opposition do with that?


  1. "the world is not acting on Venezuela "
    Well, the USA is not because we would be accused of Yankee Imperialism.
    You voted these narco-commies into power and you get to get rid of them.

    1. Sure, of course....

      And when there are three million Venezuelan refugees trying to get into the US what are you going to build? A second wall? Breed sharks in the Florida straits?

      Nobody is asking the US to land in Venezuela, but to be more proactive in putting sanctions, blockade, pressure on shitty corrupt Caribbean Island, etc.... there are options, you know.

    2. I want 3M Venezuelans to immigrate into the USA.
      Cuban refugees were/are an asset to the USA.
      VZ refugees will be also.

    3. Well, if you put it this way... send me the ticket, no need to wait any longer

    4. Having spent quite a bit of time with the Venezuelan diaspora in Southern Florida over the last 6-7 years, IMNSHO they are in general several notches up the rest of Latinos immigrants/refugees including Cubans. Most bring professional/intellectual baggage along with them.

    5. Charly, all the good ones have long gone. Now it is the chusma that is about to leave.

  2. umm...As if anyone in USA really cares outside of south florida...chicago..NYC..Houston.
    Why would they?...die for venezuela?.Rediculous..
    why get involved .
    It plays into the Cuban game.
    Curiously..why they "the MUD"..Just dont call them liars...constantly...never is the only time they defend.. you just never hear anyone say...Maduro is a liar...why not?
    it seems so painfully True....where are the Bollas?

    1. Perhaps you should think about what happens if we don't get involved.Of course the amount of involvement will be proportionate to the trust we can have in the opposition.

    2. Why get involved? I am guessing you wouldnt get involved if happening to you. Luckily not all Anericabs live with their heads in the sand. As for getting involved the govt has been propted up by a trillion dollars in USA dollars that funded the Venezuelan gov't in the form of bonds. USA govt will for most part stay out until the rich who control it feel their bonds are at risk and the major oil companies want back their oil fields. Good old Trump will find a way to make a few billion of the mess.

    3. You are pathetic in your use of the US as a scapegoat, and you are pathetic in your pretending to know how i would feel and you are pathetic in your knowledge of the situation:)
      Nuf said

  3. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Daniel, for years you denigrated President Obama and his policies and then you semi-rejoiced, first, in Trumps election and then in Trumps staged photo op with the wife of a true son of Bolivar. The problem is, TRUMP HATES HISPANICS. If you haven't figured it out yet, Trump isn't just sending Mexicans back over the border, he is sending anyone of Hispanic heritage. While we're at it, try to think of a single European group that he has targeted. Yeah, tough to do, isn't it.

    Sorry Daniel, but Trump is a demagogue who will not do a thing to help the People of Venezuela, especially since you lack the most important thing to him. That of course is the hard, cold cash you would have to somehow grease his palms with.

    BTW, if he did come to "save" you, it would merely be to take your oil, or have you forgotten his only reason to go to Iraq.

    One other thing. Just how do you suggest these millions of economic refugees to get to the US anyway? Mexican refugees can walk, Cuban refugees can take a 90 mile boat ride. How do these millions of totally destitute people to get to the US? It must be 1500 miles to the US as the sea gull flies.

    Look, I realize that this comment sounds incredibly cruel but to tell the truth, Venezuela has had a long, rather undistinuished history of one level of society taking advantage of the other. The only difference with the last couple of decades is that the lower class has had it's way. If (and that is a big IF) the big money gets back in power, you will just make the poor pay in many, many ways.

    Whatever happens, however, how about leaving the Yanquis out of it.

    1. Anonymous8:54 PM

      The US does not need to 'take your oil'. They have plenty of their own and utilize the global market to supply the rest, which in case you haven't realized, there is a significant glut. Venezuela oil is some of the most uneconomic on the market due to its high cost to produce and refine. No-one cares about Venezuela oil except maybe the Chinese who are looking for loan repayments.

    2. anonymous 7:46

      You pretend that you have followed me over the last years but you are not quoting what I said about Obama neither have understood my position on Trump.

      In both you are dead wrong. I have no time for stuff like what you write so a one liner will be enough: I have always been a Hillary guy.

  4. Boludo Tejano2:23 AM

    Daniel, for years you denigrated President Obama and his policies and then you semi-rejoiced, first, in Trumps election..

    What blog have YOU been reading? I have been reading this blog for over a decade. Both times Daniel supported Obama's election. Yes, Daniel did get frustrated with some of Obama's policies. Daniel didn't like my telling him "you got what you paid for." Daniel supported Hillary's election. Check it out.

    BTW, if he did come to "save" you, it would merely be to take your oil, or have you forgotten his only reason to go to Iraq.
    Who got the oil in Iraq? Check it out. Just sayin'.

    Anonymous: no tenés nombre.

    1. Sabroso Arepa3:49 PM

      Why do you mock someone for just using "anonymous" when your name translates to "stupid Texan"? Actually, I was kind when I said "stupid", there are much worse meanings but I didn't want to offend.

      As far as you silly question about who "got" the oil, whoever is getting is PAYING for it with hard cold cash, Trump wanted to take it as repayment for the US military destroying the Iraqi peoples country.

      Anyway, if using a silly, made-up name will make you happy, I will oblige.

    2. Sabroso Arepa (grammatical mistake in Spanish, by the way)

      The point of bitching against "anonymous" is that it makes discussion difficult. It is a lack of courtesy as a matter of fact. Nobody cares about what silly handle one gets, but we all want you to get a handle so that we can reply directly to you.


    3. Sabroso Arepa12:49 AM

      "a silly, made-up name"

      A grammatically incorrect name would certainly fit the bill as to being part of a "silly made-up name." BTW, I won't insult you by correct the above post. This is the Internet after all and grammar sometimes goes out the window.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Rap your an idiot. If you have issues with your addictions dont come on here and demonstrate your need to have people read your mindless crap.

  6. Venezuelan Opposition Pushes Referendum to Choose Country’s Future

    CARACAS – The Venezuelan opposition is pushing a referendum to be held on July 16 so that the public may choose “the country’s future,” a vote in which the citizenry will be able to say whether they approve or reject the assembly convened by the government to rewrite the constitution, the head of the opposition-controlled Parliament said on Monday.

    “Let it be the people who decide whether to convene and back the renewal of the public branches ... as well as the forming of a national unity government and the holding of transparent and free elections,” Julio Borges said.

    The third issue proposed for the referendum concerns the role the public demands that its officials and the armed forces play in “restoring the constitutional thread” that, the opposition says, the government has broken.

    In a ceremony accompanied by top opposition leaders, Borges announced that he will ask the chamber over which he presides to begin the “consultation process,” basing that move on Article 71 of the Constitution, which authorizes the National Assembly to call a referendum on “issues of special national importance.”

    The opposition leader also resorted to Article 350, which sets forth the right of the people to refuse to recognize the government, should it “go against” democratic principles and guarantees.

  7. just a comment on Venezuela oil...and t he Empire stealing stupid
    we make much more processing it.then selling it back to them.... why screw that up?....i believe the finished gasoline is a big drop in domestic bucket...we could cut it off maybe...but why?.such a tired song...US stealing oil

  8. I am sorry to say that no people ignorant enough to elect a socialist government has ever been saved by external armed intervention. I am sorry to say that I don't think they should be either. people cant be free or live in a free society until they are willing to defend freedom, private property and free speech. At which point they will overthrow a socialist dictatorship themselves and be inoculated against Marxism for a generation or more. I fully support arming all Venezuelans and would happily contribute to do so, but you guys are going to have to free yourselves.If you haven't noticed the USA has been subverted by postmodernist commies who infest our schools and our media, we have to fight against both internal socialists (so our country doesn't become like yours) and islamist invaders simultaneously.


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