Monday, August 28, 2017

Arming the unarmed, and unarmable

This weekend the dictatorship decided to perform "military exercises" to scare the US away from an intervention.  Not that it matters since the US will not waste a drop of Marine blood on a Venezuelan beach, but let's not go there now. The point here is that if Marines do not kill folks while landing at Patanemo, ridicule may finally be able to kill people.....

Certainly these week end activities are a circus show, this one segment even includes a midget at the end of the video.  Why, oh, why?

I have been mesmerized by this video. I must have watched it a dozen time.  It is so absurd, so out of context, so abusive, so ridiculous, so idiotically military, so politically empty that I suspect in my subconscious it hit the plexus that has been trying to understand chavismo for years.  Or perhaps the two recent videos I have posted prepped me up for the impact of this one?

What was it? The obvious unfitness of the people? Their inability to even fix their helmet? The military hurrying them along as if they were recruits? The bureaucratic cardboard indicating what needs to be picked up every foot of the line? That the people allowed themselves to be mistreated so? The amount of cameras all around? That people signed at the end a notepad that would go up in flame at the first drone over Venezuela? That the voice and accent of an officer even resembles the one of Diosdado Cabello?...  Whatever it is, each time I watch I discover new details, new meanings to ridicule, new shades of abuse, new disconnections from reality like when the rifles seem bigger than the old lady trying to carry hers.

And let's not get into the wart crime potential of arming civilians to become shields for an incompetent army....

It is not that we need just to get rid of Madruo and his gang, we also need to get rid of the Venezuelan army. It has become that simple.

The S.O. thinks it was in the Gabriela Mistral school in the 23 de Enero area of Caracas. I suppose it is the only place today where the regime can find enough people for such a masquerade....


  1. Actually they did not arm them.No magazines or ammo was issued with those old FAL's. And probably never will be.
    The midget at the end was a nice touch though.

    1. Anonymous1:27 PM

      Just to elaborate slightly. ..mags and ammo are NEVER issued in such a kit line (chance for accidents due to mishandling or wanting to play with a new toy without training are too frequent) but even issue or weapons is highly irregular. ..other than that I agree, mike From canada

    2. Of course no ammo was used! They know better, and old lady drops a rifle and we have a blood blath.

  2. Anonymous8:58 AM

    They got no money for food and medicine? but for this!!!sad and speechless.

  3. Boludo Tejano3:18 PM

    A further for not issuing ammo is that as they cannot be sure of the compliance of their troops, they want to prevent shots at officers or civilian Chavista honchos.

  4. "What was it? " "Why, oh, why?".

    To begin understanding Chavismo and Cubazuela's Kleptocracy one must go always go back to the 2 Fundamental, basic problems: Severe lack of real education, abysmal Moral Values, and Masssive, Galactic Corruption.

    These poor people are there putting up such pathetic, laughable masquerade because they are horribly "alphabrutecidos" and they are corrupt. Bribed. Bad education, no moral values, and highly corruptible. They'll sell their souls for a couple claps and a chance of other Chabestoide "freebies".

    No one admits this, that our so called beautiful, hard-working, 'alphabetized', 'honest' "pueblo" is hardly any of that. The majority is highly ignorant, obviously gullible, obviously corruptible, with hardly any moral values, super "vivos" y aprovechados, populacheros.

    That's why many still Love Chavez, that's why they still put up with Chavismo gimmicks, and even believe some of the laughable crap they are fed. "Guerra economica", "el imperialismo".. "la derecha ataca".. many believe that nonsense because they are either incredibly under-educated, or they participate in such ridiculous scams because they are corrupt, interesados, or both. I bet all of these old illustrious ladies - and the midget - and the dumb soldaditos were promised some clap bags, maybe a vivienda or 2, a few other freebies, or at least they get to keep the rifles and helmets for resale or to exchange for some arepas.

  5. You know the first shots fired at them they will drop their weapons and run like hell! What really made the video was the lumpa lumpa from the charlie wonka factory at the end!LOL!!

  6. It shows that Chavismo has "jumped the shark", sort of speak...

  7. Life as journalists in VA:

  8. Anonymous9:13 PM

    what a joke, they are getting stuff for free... more likely that staff will be sold, if not stolen as soon as they walk 50 yards

    a donde hemos llegado!

    tenemos el gobierno que merecemos!!


  9. I, like you, come from a country with a mean IQ of 80.
    You have to take these things philosophically.
    The standard deviation of the intelligence bell curve is 15.
    That means that 68% of the population will have IQs between 65 and 95.
    The rest of the population will be located in the lower tail of 16% and the upper tail of 16%.
    What does that mean?
    It means that 16% of the population will have an IQ lower than the upper boundary of a moron.
    The upper IQ boundary of a moron is 70.
    Put another way 18% of the population will have an IQ of a moron or less.

    This means there is a large large portion of the population that is simply unable to take care of itself.
    Add to that the fact that 28% of the population is under 14.
    You get my drift, you are a scientist.
    The people in the video are those who cannot take care of themselves, a HUGE number.

     IQ of 26–50, between "idiot" (IQ of 0–25) and "moron" (IQof 51–70).

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Anonymous6:26 PM

      by my calculation the people who need to be taken care of in Venezuela are:
      18% (see above) + 30% (under 14 years of age) + 7% (over 65 years of age) - 6.29% (to prevent double counting) 48.3400%
      100% - 47.71% = 51.66% - 5.17% (men who abandon their families, since 20% of households are headed by women) = 46.5%

  10. Scared to Death Gringo5:31 AM

    Why did no one tell the woman at the 1:46 mark of the video that she had her helmet on backwards.

    1. Anonymous3:23 AM

      No one knew or no one cared. Likely at the other end of this photo op line they took it back anyway.


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