Sunday, August 06, 2017

A military uprising?

So, instead of writing about substantial things like the fraud constituent assembly deciding that it will be in office for the next two years, taking as its first "measure" the removal from office of the general prosecutor Luisa Ortega and announcing that next week they will set up the inquisition truth commission I have to discuss what was either a failed coup or a stunt show. Your choice, not mine because under no circumstance will I support the Venezuelan corrupt army. Or anything that comes out of it.

What happened this morning in Valencia was suspicious from the start. I learned about it sipping my first cup of coffee and within minutes I was posting that; and assuring the dear reader that under no moment did I got the little bit nervous. It takes me more than that now to get nervous in Venezuela.

It is 1PM+ , 5 hours later, and it smells fishier, too convenient for the regime, though it also seems that there may be other problems. For example, how come the only "personality" of the regime talking as if he were in charge was Diosdado Cabello, technically today a mere representative at the constituent assembly?  At 8 AM and neither Maduro nor defense minister Padrino were on the air reassuring the populace?

In other words, it is not the set up show that is interesting, it is who ordered it.

Let me resume things: the Venezuelan army is deeply corrupt, deeply incompetent, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, ALREADY IN CONTROL OF THE COUNTRY.

And you'd have me cheer up for one side against the other?  Fuck that!

On the other hand there was today a true democratic debate at the Jesuit University of Venezuela, UCAB.  I learned too late about it to follow, but reports are good as to the quality of the discussions, discussions that I can assure you WILL NEVER TAKE PLACE AT THE CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY.

Written listening to Brahms 4th, last movement in particular, in case it matters.


  1. Charly9:41 PM

    Meanwhile, Guri's spillway in the hand of incompetents.

  2. Tom in Oklahoma10:03 PM

    I have no comment on the "uprising" whether real or staged. Hopefully, reliable information will become available soon. My comment is regarding Daniel's footnote indicating that he was listening to Brahms 4th as he composed his posting. For some reason I was reminded of the scene in the movie "Titanic" when the great ship was slowly slipping beneath the waves yet the musicians kept playing in the midst of panic and pandemonium all around them. I hope and pray that the fate of Venezuela will be different than that of the doomed ship but I have to say that I have great respect and admiration for those that can remain calm and collected in the midst of catastrophe. Play it again Daniel and play it often.

  3. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Make sure to download plenty of music before they cut off the internet.

    1. Worry not. I am from the CD era.

  4. The uprising seems very similiar to many past dictators when they fear losing parts of the army. Sacrifice a small group to put fear in the rest that others won't follow your lead and you will be swiftly dealt with as a terrorist. Was either that or a completely incompotent uprising that made no sense as they announce their coming assuring no chance of success.

  5. Anonymous3:43 AM

    Absolutely right. This has all the attributes of a complete set up

  6. Boludo Tejano6:59 PM

    One of Daniel's tweets has a video of angry citizens confronting Socorro Hernández, rector of the CNE. (rector?) While a video may be worth a thousands words, here is a written report of the altercation. Ciudadanos confrontaron a Socorro Hernández en un mercado caraqueño. (City residents confron Socorro Hernandez in a Caracas market)

    Un grupo de personas enfrentó a Socorro Hernández, rectora del Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE), cuando hacía compras en un supermercado de Caracas, en la Alta Florida.

    Las mujeres le gritaban “asesina, sinvergüenza, compra en el Bicentenario” y le exigían a los trabajadores del lugar que no le vendieran nada a la funcionaria.

    Ante este altercado, el personal de seguridad del lugar resguardó a la rectora, mientras las personas continuaban gritándole.

    A group of persons confronted Socorro Hernández, rector of the CNE(National Electoral Council) when she was making purchases in a supermarket located in the Alta Florida area of Caracas.
    The women shouted "assassin, shameless, do your purchasing in Bicentenario " and they demanded that the store's workers not sell anything to the official.
    As a result of this altercation the store's security personnel protected her while the persons continued shouting at her.

    Which is why Maduro doesn't do any walking tours anymore. Isla Margarita was enough.


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