Wednesday, August 02, 2017

There was a fraud? You don't say!

Procrastination pays. I was seeking my words for an intellectually powerful analysis of the electoral results of last Sunday "vote". But lack of Internet (it came back last night, after 6 days out!) made postpone the enlightenment you guys deserved so richly.

Well, what do you know!? There is no need to discuss those "results" of "8+ millions votes" that nobody saw on the streets Sunday!

The first blow to the regime is a leak offered to Reuters. And I do not need to write the text, all provided by Reuters.

But as morning advanced it got better. Reuters again.

This last one is particularly galling for the regime and its electoral ministry, CNE.  For those late in the game, Smartmatic was an electronic voting machine manufacturer which test run was the most controversial recall election on 2004. A new comer got to organize its first try a NATIONAL election! Needless to say that this was highly controversial and Smartmatic has been enveloped in a cloud of suspicion ever since. Note that the amounts of money paid to Smartmatic by the regime, amounts never quite clarified and showered over successive elections, have allowed it to become an international company that has Venezuela as a mere client now.

Thus the questions. First, what compelled Smartmatic to come out and state that its client padded its vote result by an outrageous 1 million votes (1 in 8, or 12,5%)?  Note also the "least" in the Reuters text ....  Second, are we allowed to doubt previous elections held through Smartmatic machines?

So that is that.

A little comment: in spite of all that electronic speedy voting the CNE is not publishing complete and detailed results. Yet it is declaring those who won seats.  The problem?  The total 8+ must match the sum of all the individual votes. If indeed "at least 1M" were added, who got them? Which candidates were favored? Which wing of chavismo got ahead?

Interesting hours ahead.


  1. Boludo Tejano4:38 PM

    There is no need to discuss those "results" of "8+ millions votes" that nobody saw on the streets Sunday.
    That was covered rather well by your pointing out in The Fraud, at the peak of the oil boom, el finado, a.k.a. H.C.F., won about 8 million votes. It defies common sense that a similar amount would turn out in the midst of the current-day disaster- especially when comparing PSUV votes in the Dec. 2015 Assembly elections. Which also shows why, according to some reports, journalists were forbidden to come within 500 meters of some voting centers. Can't have too many photos posted of un-crowded voting centers with no long lines.

    My understanding is that the Smartmatic comment is directed at the CNE central office changing what the local voting centers reported. The Smartmatic comment does not address shenanigans at the local voting center level: certain parties voting more than once, etc.

    The Reuters figure of 3.7 million having voted by late afternoon must also include some ballot-stuffing, as I doubt that those running the election suddenly realized at that late hour they were running behind. They knew before the polls opened that they weren't going to get enough votes.

  2. "First, what compelled Smartmatic to come out and state that its client padded its vote result by an outrageous 1 million votes (1 in 8, or 12,5%)? Note also the "least" in the Reuters text .... Second, are we allowed to doubt previous elections held through Smartmatic machines?"

    Antonio Mujica and his Smartmatic Chavistoide crooks are Mega-Thieves but they're not stupid. After El Comandante Pajarito Supremo Eterno handed them, overnight, over $90 Mill. to manipulate Kleptozuelan elections, they became an Int'l powerhouse with more Guisos overseas.

    Now little Cubazuela is nothing but water under the bridge, an old little partner in crime. They now have bigger fish to fry. They know Chavismo is in deep shyt now, that it lost all credibility and international approval. They know supporting the latest monstrous "elections" would hurt their own PR machine and business image worldwide. They know eventually the MUD could use their services, so it was obviously time to jump ship, as all RATS do, amidst troubled waters.

    Of course we must doubt all previous Smartmatic frauds in Kleptozuela, for multiple reasons.. (ask Alek Boyd). But back they were nothing, and the frauds were doable, 80% of the people was not against the regime.

    Furthermore, if the Madurista criminal narco-regime were still in power by October 2018, Fraudmatic could not support another Ultra-Mega disgrace. That would crush their international business image. So they packed their bags (about 20 FraudMatic Executives escaped overseas before Sunday..) they jumped ship, and are now enjoying their stolen millions and fake image in civilized countries.

  3. Sounds like 3.7 million was a million high and we know many will have voted twice and we know between 2 to 3 million were forced to come out and vote or lose their jobs. Seems only was a handful of legit voters. We also know Maduros wife would have only got 2 votes Maduro and herself so they definately stacked hers. But was what 4500 people running of die hard chavistas and 500 approx fake winners. Means there must be 4000 die hard Chavistas who are pissed off right now.

    1. Anonymous2:50 AM

      Love those numbers Ash, since these are the true numbers - 4000 thugs trying to take a whole country hostage and avoid jail time.

  4. Anonymous11:27 PM

    What I do not get is that clearly the smartmatic to reality number was out by 4 or 5 million and not 1 million as implied by the company exec. His remarks makes it sound like the assembly vote still got over 7 million votes. Seems almost like since it is obvious fraud was committed they are trying to sell a reality of 7 million as 3 million would be a complete embarrassment.

    1. Anonymous2:57 AM

      Agree. The smartmatric statement is a trap in an attempt to make the 7 million legitimate voters argument for future elections. If opposition does not see this, they are either stupid or some of them are accomplices of the regime. Focus on constitutional fraud argument rather than electoral fraud argument. As far as CNE and smartmatric are concerned, they should be purged. Venezuela is a small country where manual elections and counting can be easily achieved within a day. 16 July plebiscite is the model.

  5. Ollie1:28 AM

    I'm confused, were the results of 2015 also fraudulent?

    1. In that the opposition did not get all of the votes it deserved, yes. If the campaign had been fair, if public employees had not been blackmailed, the opposition would have probably got 5 seats more. And we would not be discussing this today.


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