Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Amazing mess, how sweet you are

This will be short and sweet. It may be a couple of days before I can post again.

So Maduro "won" and right there the US slammed yet more sanctions. Now sanctions that can hurt the Venezuelan people. Well, some of us anyway. Namely, the US has decided that Venezuela cannot get rid of any of its assets in the US. They can keep using them etc, but they cannot sell them or give them away. These assets must be preserved for a future government of national reconstruction.

Should we worry?  Not at all even though Maduro retaliated expelling from Venezuela its chargé d'affaires, provoking without a doubt more sanctions, just as some of the international allegedly impartial electoral observers clapped their hands with profound delight if not orgasmic rage. So there is that detail.

The point is that in Venezuela we are all fucked up. At this time a few more sanctions are really not going to hurt much more than what we are. The regime can buy cash whatever it wants, from food and medicine. It does not and blames the US. And if the US were to lift sanctions, the regime would still not buy what Venezuela needs as the corruption would it all out anyway.

So, just as it happened with blacks in South Africa fighting apartheid, PLEASE send in more sanctions until it finally starts hurting those on top.  I am on record.

On other news, democratic countries are not recognizing Maduro, only Russia, China, Cuba.... Erdogan.... do. So there is that other detail that I am just leaving here for your consideration.  Where it gets worse is that many of these countries have decided to start taking sanctions on their own. Russia claims that it does not bother them and that they stand by their ally Maduro. But wait until they make their calculations as to what they can lose in the US compared to what they can earn here. We'll see how far that support goes.

Meanwhile the Venezuelan opposition is tearing apart on the most futile arguments. Some claim, YES, CLAIM that only 18% voted. More voted but those who write such inflammatory tweets and radio declarations are from Caracas and have no fucking idea how the provinces have become dependent on the regime.  Serious experts are saying that the official 46% participation number is inflated by vote making up to give the regime what it needed to get an ample majority. But they think that participation was still around 40%. Just by itself the 46% number is a DISASTER for the regime. But no...  some want to see the bones.....

What distresses me is that there are some people that have no qualms in saying that 82% of the people that allegedly did not vote belong to the opposition....  Many of these twitter warriors (and the politicians that read twitter before talking about anything) are so up in arms with this "great victory" of the opposition that I just want to send them all to hell (OK, I just did some unfollow on twitter).  But what makes this worse is that they have become new Torquemadas and they call for a purge within the opposition, a general off with their heads!.  Some of the rage against Borges, for example, I have not seen it even against Chavez.

Indeed, the opposition needs to be divided into two blocks that will agree on nothing else but on electoral issues and the general drive against the regime. Expecting more than that is TOTALLY unrealistic. Hanging Falcon, quartering Ramos Allup will not help. Trust me on that one.  The good news is that clearer heads prevailed today at the National Assembly as it voted NOT to recognize the Maduro election setting up the stage of a direct confrontation, as in sending people to jail. The regime started today by attacking the last remaining opposition nationwide newspaper: El Nacional.

Meanwhile inflation keeps up and is still the least worry of the dictatorship.

PS: the opposition "lost" and it is celebrating, the regime "won" but they have an absolute discretion. Go figure....


  1. quiet before some sort of storm ?????? So much tinder dry kindling, so little the spark that could set the blaze, so many places from which it could originate.
    Keep safe.

  2. so little the spark that could set the blaze, so many places from which it could originate.
    Keep safe.
    Please.....its not happening in caracas...I will tell you that...whatsap chatter is same...people just make cynical remarks on street...bitching about buses......nothing is going to happen...if the military does one will risk a thing


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