Thursday, March 06, 2014

The day Maduro became certifiable and tore his panama

Globalization for all but Venezuela
We must note that on March 5 2014 we were relieved that Chavez had gone for a year now and we got scared to our wits by seeing Maduro come totally unhinged.

For his commemoration ceremony he planned how so tactfully a military parade in front of foreign dignitaries. He rubbed his state medal on his chest quite often. But it did not help.

See, only Raul Castro, the murderer from Cuba, Desi Bouterse, the narco from Suriname and poor Evo came, that I know of, plus the vice from Argentina.  Truly, not the most stellar gathering after the grandeur of one yer ago.

Whether it was the poor attendance, or that Maria Corina Machado got a much better one in San Cristobal or that Caracas was in large part a war zone today, the thing is that Maduro lost it, or as we say in French "il a pété les plombs".

I am just going to mention two. One, is that he accused the students to plan bombing 15 tunnels in Venezuela. First, I am not sure that there are indeed that many tunnels in Venezuela but I may be wrong. It depends if you count tunnel systems or individual tunnels, I suppose. Whatever it is, nobody is holding his or her breath waiting for the presentation of the guilty party, nor is putting in the car dust masks just in case they were to drive through such an explosion.

The second one is that in an hissy fit Maduro decided to courageously break relations with tiny Panama and told the OAS to never ever again come to Venezuela.  The official reason is that Panama asked the OAS to discuss the trouble in Venezuela, trying to find ways to help settle the issues least the trouble affects other parts of the continent, through commerce, trade, refugees, etc..  Nothing to it, even a chance for Venezuela to make its case and show its evidence that this is all a big conspiracy from the US against them.

But of course Venezuela has no evidence whatsoever against the US or Uribe or any of the usual conspiring villains. Chavez could pull that stunt, Maduro cannot.  So, rather than having to appear at an OAS meeting and look like a brutal repressive fool, it is better to turn over the table and refuse to play. See, Maduro and its Cuban masters are understanding that the regime image is so deteriorated that they cannot count on a favorable OAS verdict no matter how much they have spent to buy its votes.

In other words, pushed against the wall, Cuba ordered Maduro to start breaking up with the OAS, a long held dear dream of Castro and Chavez, with already sabotage to the OAS by supporting someone like its incompetent secretary Insulza or creating CELAC and UNASUR to annul OAS cover.

I need to add a footnote probably lost in translation. After the electoral fraud of April 2013 Panama's president was one of the rare few to travel to Caracas and visit Maduro as the real elected president. The reason was that Venezuela owes, I understand, more than a billion USD to Panama and that is a lot of money for a small country. Martinelli simply had to think of his people. But I suspect that he did not get paid anything for his troubles since Venezuela is bankrupt. So, he decided to screw Maduro by having Panama's ambassador called an OAS meeting on Venezuela. After all, breaking with Panama is going to cost Maduro more than what it may cost Panama. Probably it will aggravate our economic crisis and make corrupt chavista upset that their assets risk being sort of frozen in Panama.

Maduro, simply put, cannot deal with the heat. The situation is way too complex for his abilities. In fact today we had a tacit acknowledgment that he is afraid, really afraid that protests are going to start in neighborhoods that are supposed to be his strongholds. So he took the irresponsible and criminal step to ask colectivos and other assorted paramilitary groups to break up any protest that may start in their neighborhood. Notice: he did not ask them to go to Altamira and repress, he asked them to get ready to repress in their very own barrios...

And speaking of Altamira, repression was particularly brutal tonight in Chacao district.


  1. Old 031111:49 AM

    He had to sound tough, stupid but tough to his master Raul. As an outsider I see no end to the problems in Venezuela until y'all eject the Cubans. Until this point they have out thought the opposition. But the current protests have them worried, very worried.

    It is when the Venezuela military, the real military, stands up to the armed thugs that you can say you are making progress in getting rid of the animals.

  2. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I feel like the countries who tolerate Maduro are even bigger idiots. The US is Maduro's biggest supporter (financially). Panama should block all Venezuelan ships destined for China. Let them go around the tip of South America.

  3. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Do VNZAn oil tankers pass through the Panama Canal? I imagine this will be halted now...How will the oil shipments get to China? Going all the way around South America is not going to happen....Looks like Maduro jumped before he looked......again, and this time into oncoming traffic....

  4. Yes, the US keeps buying the damned oil. That should stop until democracy is restored.

  5. When will outright civil war break out? When will the armed forces finally side with "the people" and arrest all those complicit with the killing of innocent students? and arrest/deport all Cuban mercenaries in Venezuela?

  6. Charly5:58 PM

    The poor orang utang is sending so many conflicting signals, it ain't funny. Ask for a peace process urbi et orbi while asking the collectivos to repress garimba in their neighborhoods, go figure. Losing control of the country? He is loosing control of his own bird brain.

    1. Anonymous7:45 PM

      thats a great statement Charly

    2. Orangutans are beatiful peaceful animals. It is an insult to orangutangs everywhere to compare them to maduro.

    3. Charly8:53 PM

      My apologies nacanacazo, would mandrill do instead?

    4. not any animal deserve to be compared with this piece of sh......

  7. Boludo Tejano7:23 PM

    Probably it will aggravate our economic crisis and make corrupt chavista upset that their assets risk being sort of frozen in Panama.

    The only issue about Chavista money parked in Panama is how much. Panama has long been a place for depositing your money- honestly earned or not. Cuban Nomenklatura have long used Panama as their Miami, a place to stock up on those filthy capitalist material goods. Jose Luis Llovio-Menendez in his book Insider: My Hidden Life As a Revolutionary in Cuba, wrote about his trip to Panama in the late 1970s to audit embassy books there. Unsurprisingly, he found out that a lot of embassy money had been diverted to purchase those aforementioned filthy capitalist material goods. Which turned out to be a good prefiguring for Venezuela's own Boliburgueses- those who can get their hands on state money will use it to their own advantage.

    1. There is another aspect.

      See, a lot of private business opened fake companies in Panama and imported through them what they needed. That is, the Panama fake company bought something at 100 in Canada, resold it to its owner in Venezuela at 120, CADIVI paid and the owner had a 20% in USD. That is, this with the corruption and laundering monies form chavismo the real bulk of the debt in Panama. The regime has found a nice way to punish escualidos that trafficked and chavistas that looted, all at a fell swooooppp!

      So maybe Panama itself will not lose that much after all.....

  8. Anonymous7:31 PM

  9. Why should any country do anything? As Napoleon was paraphrased: "When you enemy is in the process of destroying himself, don't disturb him."

    1. Anonymous9:09 PM

      I hope you are right but Castro, the Raul one at least, and Maduro seem hell bent on destruction in order to maintain control. I know that sounds a bit unusual but that seems to be the process. Throw in a bit of fear and hey presto you have Cuba 2 regardless of the economy.

      I keep hearing that someone in the military will pop up and sort out this problem. Along the lines of high ranking or midde ranking officers with a conscience will decide to put a stop to this madness. Put all the deeply entrenched Cubanos on a Conviasa to la Habana and have words with Raul's Venezuelan staff.

      Well, Venezuela has spoken and continues to speak. Students have been killed, armed thugs roam the streets, GNb have revealed themselves to be no more than thugs with uniforms, Maduro has demonstrated Castro controls Venezuela, military men honor Fidel, Acts of corruption well advertised and so and so on.

      If there is anyone out there with a conscience what are they waiting for ?

  10. Daniel

    I know you don't have much love for the military, like many of us.
    But as much as i hate to say it, we need them. Never forget who we're dealing with, these people think they were born to fight the empire,just like El Che, and they think it's their Destiny, maybe even God sent them.They have the biggest ego, they are proud and stubborn and completely unable to reason.
    The military are also with them as long as they let em do their drug trafficking and black market business in peace. But we are not armed,except for malandros and jails, there are no weapons around,the pressure from the boys in Altamira is not enough.
    We don't have the people from the barrios,we don't have most of them at least,wich is what we need.Once those people get really angry we will have change. But the military don't mind killing and oppresing,they enjoy it. I don't expect anything from them.

    To be honest, i did expect quite a few of them to turn and join the Resistance, but it's been almost a month since the protests started and i'm convinced that at least 98% of them are with the corrupt revolution.I do see a lot of angry retired National Guard and Armed Forces officials (some family), but that's it.

    We're not Ukraine,we're not the Arabs. We are more Cuban than anything else,and look how that turned out.

  11. 1979 BP9:00 PM

    Anchor quits: I can't be part of network 'that whitewashes' Putin's actions

    Do you have NO SHAME, Eva Golinger?

    1. surely the propaganda was obvious to the anchor, before now, no? I guess Eva Golinger is one of the young and inexperienced, unable to see the forest for the trees, as she gives her reports with that ever-so-serious-face-appropriate for RT management.

  12. It is time for Capriles or one of his lieutenants to head off seeking help from elsewhere. Even if Maduro were to be deposed, there's no way Venezuela can fix this mess alone, even in peaceful circumstances, which may be some way off anyway.

  13. Milonga9:27 PM

    He started off thanking the presence of foreign dignataries which was wholly ridiculous and made you laugh the rest of his speech! But he´s no joke at all. Praying for you!

  14. Anonymous2:15 AM

    I am American and my wife is raised in Venezuela. She is currently there assisting with a ill family member. This civil war broke out after she arrived. She is scared and I am very upset with what I have seen and how she was treated by military during a house search. I have sent letters to the White House and various other government officials asking for help for Venezuela. Maduro is overwhelmed and Cabello is like a vulture waiting in the wings. The "military" needs to step up but I am afraid if they don't, I do not see any change coming soon. Surely there must be some military personnel that realize what is happening to the people they are pledge to protect. As I write this, I pray for Venezuela and my extended family. I fear for them and cry out for justice.

  15. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Correa was not in Caracas. He preferred to have a cozy meeting with the top guys of the Coca-Cola Company. La chispa de la vida, indeed.


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