Friday, August 11, 2017

It is easy and fun to troll the Left

Sometimes it is good to have fun writing. Bitching at the Left would do it.


  1. Boludo Tejano10:12 PM

    From the article:
    The left, so keen on migrants in Europe and North America, failed to notice that under Chavez Venezuela, an immigration country, became an emigration country.

    I was struck by the number of immigrants I met while working in Venezuela. Italians. The daughter of Cubans. Colombians. Ecuadorians. It is also of note that many found Venezuela a refuge from tyrants, such as Pinochet (Isabel Allende..) and Franco (Alek Boyd's family). I've already mentioned Cubans. Now,Venezuelans flee tyranny.

    A brief, concise and to the point article. No wasted words.

  2. Boludo Tejano1:13 AM

    Joe Kennedy retired but he seems to be finally breaking up with Chavismo.

    For Citizen Joe, it was always about the Benjamins. Chavismo supplied his Citizens' Energy with heating oil below market price. Citizen Joe skimmed off a nice $400k salary for himself- plus more for his wife- from the Chavista gravy train. Good old Citizen Joe, Doing Well by Doing Good.

    No mun, no fun. No more Chavista gravy train for Citizen Joe.

  3. Danny Boy...I havent looked in on your blog since you all began Obozo butt worshipping so many years ago....doesnt look like he did much good for Venz democracy huh?

    By the way, Im going to Costco today...did you all want anything? Gonna do beer can chicken later. Sheik

    1. Trump is maybe to the right, but definitely, he is a white nationalist. Maduro is maybe to the left, but for sure, he's a bastard. Trump and Maduro both pretend to be something, but neither really are that something. They are both Fascist cousins.

    2. Sheik

      Since apparently you did not need my wisdom for, what? 8 years?, I suggest you come back in another 8 years. You'll be fine.

    3. Anonymous6:02 PM

      Trump is not a fascist. He was elected democratically and he believes in democracy. 'Right wing' yes, but only moderately so in US terms

    4. Anonymous, how about this. All of the mainstream US political spectrum descends from the ideas of the Progressive Era. There are no liberals nor conservatives, no left nor right wingers. There are only varying flavors of progressivism. Again, progressivism as defined by the progressive era not people that call themselves progressives today.

  4. "Venezuela allows the left to show its true colors. It seems that human rights and democracy are not its favoured hues."

    But Daniel that's not real socialism! :-) At least that's what they say after each failure of socialism. There are even socialists knuckleheads claiming that Venezuela is a capitalist country & that's why it's a mess.

    1. When you use language for power play things change.

      I am a liberal PRE Reagan. He turned it into a nasty word that means left, socialist, commie, you''ll have it. Not what liberalism used to really mean.

      Something for socialism. It could be used to describe any shade of democratic left. But Chavez and Castro used it to hide a word that has no cure, communism. Thus now socialism is ambiguous. For some it is plain old commie, for others it is the left of the democratic left as social- Democrat has become a bad word, just like liberal became one. SD now means, e.g. in France, class betrayer, mercenary of capitalism and what not.

    2. I shake my head when I think about Venezuela going socialist. All they had to do was look next door at Guyana, my wife's country. She wrote this about it. Sounds like Venezuela today. She said the only way they avoided starvation was people growing their own food. Not as possible in urbanized parts of Venezuela. Stay safe.

  5. I hate socialism but not sure what the right word is for Venezuela. Yes Chavez pretended to care for the poor but eas all a scam to gain the popularity for the end goal which was dictatorship. Way too many including on here have sucked into the socialism and incompetence when really very cleverly the regime stole the country and as the Russian masters wanted destroyed all wealth and laws such that they could end up with the oil fields. They even used the Chinese. Was brilliant if you have zero care for humans which they clearly dispize. And dispizing humans isn't socialism.

  6. Charly6:35 PM

    Uno de mis favoritos:

  7. I love this guy's videos. Especially funny is the part about 1 US marine being able to deal with the partying Venezuelan military.

  8. Not to change the subject, but Trump is sending VP Mike Pence to South America to boost Americas friends!! What friends, deport immigrants, their families and American born children! Build the wall!

    I hope Pence gets booed out of every country he plans on visiting!

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      He's deporting illegal immigrants and building a wall to stop them getting in - though I'm not sure that's feasible. Friends don't dump their surplus populations on friends, and use their remittances to prop up their own economy.

    2. Read much? No he is deporting illegal and legal immigrants. NO wall will keep them all out, and besides the wall will have to built on some private land and Native American land! You OK will that?

    3. Today in Ecuador: During his weekly address, President Moreno commented that “above all right, ideological or political position,” life is sacred and untouchable, the death of human beings is a fact we must strongly regret and reject. Likewise, the Prime Minister clarified that “the number of political prisoners does not stop worrying us.”

      “In a democracy, the problems are solved through dialogue among all actors. Remember that the best mechanism for this is direct democracy, it should be the last word for presidents,” he added.

      Moreno said that Ecuador respects the self-determination of the nations and the non-interference. He also expressed his solidarity with the Venezuelan people and expressed his desire for “peace and not to spill another drop of blood.”


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