Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Trashed at Lima: Maduro goes from PR fail to PR fail

This is so whirlwind that I am going to write fast.

That is democracy for you

In the middle of the night the nazional guard and the constituent assembly chair took over the old senate chamber of Venezuelan Congress which had been transformed into a ceremonial room. The problem is that the hall is not big enough for the 550 constituents as it can hold barely 450.  But the point here is to piss off the National Assembly and slowly but surely edge them out of existence.

For good measure the National Assembly was barred to enter its chambers for its scheduled session, least the couple of dozens that did make it into congress house would attack the 500+ constitutionals.  Nice to see the nazional guard deployed in a legislative room. Nothing militaristic or repressive in the regime. No serreee...

The constituent is above all

That they are overcrowded sitting on party pliable and uncomfortable chairs did not stop the constituents to declare themselves as of today of being above any of the existing powers and institutions. For our own good, apparently. (1)

Note that the complete results are not yet out and these creeps are already ruling as if nothing, fraud declarations remaining investigated, of course.

To make sure that we know who is in charge truly (besides Cuba, of course) we even had the visit of the defense minister in full drag, as a guest of honor. That is right, a constituent assembly of the people starts by bowing to a general.

Today was thus quite a democratic display. And right on time as the Lima reunion was taking place, to make sure to confort them in their soon to come decisions.

In Lima the s... hit the fan

Many countries were invited to a meeting outside of any international organization to discuss what to do about Venezuela. That is, the countries that are decided to do something about it, without the bothers that sell out countries do to stop any measure against the dictatorship (2). They met today at Lima.  Of those who met, 12 decided to sign a declaration which is as strong as you will ever see any. And apparently Jamaica was about to add its name though they did not. Nobody understands why Uruguay did not go along since last week end they agreed to kick out Venezuela from Mercosur. At any rate, the 12 signatories have agreed to further meetings as sanctions are implemented and that anyone wanting to join the principled positions could so so.

The WSJ has a summary in English, though if you can read Spanish I urge you to read the short and drastic declaration.  The important points to be drawn from it are:

  • Venezuela is a dictatorship (written in diplomatese, but that is the exact translation)
  • They will not recognize the constituent assembly nor any decision that this one takes.
  • For any future legal/financial contact between those countries (the largest in the Americas, the rest counts for nothing anyway) these will only be accepted if the legal and legitimate National Assembly approves them. That is, there is no possible contracts to be made state to state, and business to business/state unless the NA approves them. Also, Venezuela cannot send new ambassadors unless voted by the NA. And other consequences.
  • Ban any weapon shipment to Venezuela, in particular of repressive nature.
  • These countries will actively seek that Venezuela will be removed from any international organization that pretends to be democratic.
In short, Venezuela is declared a pariah state.

Meanwhile in Caracas the dictatorship could only gather the ALBA (Cuba and Caracas client states) and emit a long and ridiculous declaration that even included the wall.  Maybe feel good, but totally out of step with the moment, which shows you that even the sophisticated Cuban diplomacy is losing its footing.

It is to be noted that the US was not, on purpose, in Lima and so it cannot be accused of remote directing the whole thing. As a matter of fact, if you read the Lima declaration you will be stricken by its novelty and creativity. Venezuela is truly seen as a continental problem and all agree that it is best that the US sanctions are taken separately from other sanctions so that the Cuban propaganda cannot use tired old cliches.

We'll see.  Meanwhile the image of Maduro has gone down quite a lot today. As a matter of fact he even asked the ALBA to speak on his behalf tot he Lima group....


1) On that note the high court keeps condemning opposition mayors without trials, removing them form office and jailing them for 15 months under the pretense that they did not keep order in their districts even though it is public knowledge that the dictatorship has taken away any means that they could have used to maintain public order. It is simply put a purge following a kangaroo court. Some are already in jail, some have chosen exile. About half of the opposition mayors elected last time have been thus removed. And going.

2) As of this post the words regime and dictatorship are interchangeable when referring to Venezuela. This is not a democracy anymore, there are no valid elections anymore, there is no rule of law anymore.  As for Maduro, he will not be referred anymore as president Maduro, unless irony is required. From now on Maduro is the dictator of Venezuela.

As for the leftist that keep supporting the dictatorship, like Corbyn, Melanchon, Iglesias, IU, and other, I will come with wonderful epithets to underline their falsehood, hypocrisy and absolute lack of true democratic instincts.  Readers suggestions welcome.


  1. Daniel, you, as usual post more factual and up to date English language news and commentary than all the other news orgs put together. I google, I check all the other sources, and then.. There is Daniel, sending out a post! Thank you for your vision, time, efforts and courage. Now, I ask, what will the National Assembly meet formally once more and let's see what happens there. I feel bad for all the mayors who are now in jail. So sad...

    1. {{ blushing }}

    2. Dennis, the NA met today, issued a resolution backing the Lima Declaration. I saw the MUD press conference where they announced they will sign up for the governor elections, and explained they intend to keep up street protests. There was a comment about needing to change tactics to get around intense repression.

      I have been on a writing campaign laying out the thesis that, from a legal standpoint, it seems Maduro has ceded power to the ANC by allowing it to assume plenipotentiary powers. Padrino used the term plenipotentiary during his speech to the assembly. This I took as a signal that the military under Padrino pledged allegiance to Delci Rodriguez and the ANC.

      Following through on my thesis, if the regime is new, in the sense that power was transferred from Maduro to the ANC, then we have a full blown coup de etat, and there's no reason for other nations to accept or recognize the ANC regime. And since Maduro ceded power, or set himself under the ANC plenipotentiary powers, then he's nominally out of the picture. This in turn opens a window for countries to deny recognition to the regime, and freeze all financial transactions which aren't approved by the National Assembly and/or Luisa Ortega (the only remaining powers).

      Thus I suggested to the Peruvian Chancery they invite the Venezuelan ambassador and ask him if he pledged allegiance to the ANC or to the Venezuelan constitution. I also wrote several diplomatic missions they follow the same approach, and apply the Tudor Doctrine. This, if followed through by other nations should put a freeze on all financial transactions, oil and gold sales, etc. I would really appreciate comments and if you agree you should write supporting this diplomatic non violent approach to try to solve this humanitarian crisis.

    3. Fernando, thank you for your detailed and well written reply. I support as you state, to now follow through diplomatically. Let's see what next week brings us, but, I think your plan of action and theory is spot on. There are no news on this from other English language sites, unfortunately. Very good analysis!

  2. Politics and bureaucracy as usual. All talk, no concrete and specific Actions. While the Criminal Narco-Kleptocracy consolidates its Castrista Dictatorship, laughing all the way to the bank.

    "Lima? ja, ja, ja, ja.. que pendejos.. Me mandate los reales chamo?"

  3. game of thrones.....ther where these birds..sparrows....and they all migrated to one location at the same time to declare themselves absolute...somehow they all vanished at once....was a tragedy.

  4. Unfortunately all Venezuela would have to do to get our leader to support them is offer him a good photo op. Is all he cares about or understands

  5. This video was posted on YouTube on factions of the military breaking away:

  6. So USA has santions against Russia for no trade and asks the rest of the countries who work with them to honour these. Now it comes out that all the oil the USA gets from Venezuela is actually owned by Russia but is allowed because it goes through a non Russian broker. Just goes to show how the USA gov't thinks people are so stupid they can put out these pretend sanctions like they care when in actuality they support it. Just simple disguise for the ignorant people. All one big happy self serving club behind closed doors.


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